Fighters Uncaged Trailer

When the Kinect launch lineup was announced, it did attract some criticism for seemingly offering a range of titles at odds with what people imagine the typical Xbox user to be.

Dance Central is currently receiving plaudits for being the system’s killer app, but despite being announced in August, Fighters Uncaged has so far been flying under the radar, which is surprising as the title looks to be the best ‘fit’ for what people describe as core gamers.

The new trailer below shows off some of the fighting moves possible ranging from the normal punching, blocking and dodging that you’d expect to the down and dirty head stomping. Although the trailer shows gameplay only, you can see how this maps to your body with the GamerLive Gamescom interview. All this leaves us wondering why Fighters Uncaged hasn’t been pushed to the fore when promoting Kinect in the corner of the internet populated by us gamers.

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Gamefan123644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

so from the looks of it, you do the motion it indicates on the bottom ( a punch or a kick ) and with right timing the avatar will do some fancy moves

eehh ..

goldensfree3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

but this doesnt look like the one to bank on

Graphics are pretty basic like all the kinect titles n wit the lousy laggy 30 fps of kinect will it even work worth beans?

I love fighting games too but gimme something with a controller. Last thing i want ta do is be flopping around like a spaze when i kick your ass.