GR: AC Brotherhood - Director & Producer talk dumbing down, milking it, co-op & AC3's setting

GamesRadar: "This month's release of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is an interesting prospect. A new, full-sized Assassin's Creed game, it's neither a simple spin-off nor a true sequel, but in continuing the story of both Ezio and Desmond while incorporating series-first multiplayer, it looks likely to be the biggest AC release yet.

On a recent trip to Ubisoft Montreal, we got the chance to sit down with the game's Producer and Director and go seriously in-depth on all things Assassin's. In a couple of very revealing and honest interviews, they told us all about where the franchise is now, where it's going, its successes and failures, and their hopes and fears for it both as a series of games and potentially something much bigger. Have even a passing interest in Assassin's Creed?"

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