10 Minutes of New Black Ops Zombie Footage and Launch Trailer

Embedded video reveals the different floors of the pentagon level, Fidel Castro character dialogue and a glimpse of the new crawler zombie. Link leads to the new launch trailer.

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Bull5hifT4779d ago

Haa ha , scarface wanna be,

gtamike4779d ago

Looks really bad, check out Killing Floor if you want zombies it's much more hardcore.

Koromaro4779d ago

Killing Floor is so so. Fun Yes, Hardcore not so much.

bananasNmonkeys4779d ago

Looks a lot like WAW zombies and i'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing.

NewsForMe4779d ago (Edited 4779d ago )

Only one map. They'll release one per map pack again to make you buy the $15 maps. Have fun paying $105 if you only wanted zombies, $120 if you want the WaW maps as well.

Do yourself a favor and buy Killing floor for PC or Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare for consoles.

chilled2m4779d ago

Hey kid, why don't you just let people have fun and look forward to something. If they like playing COD zombies, then so be it. No one needs your negativity around here.

4779d ago
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