A.V. Club: Vanquish Review

A.V. Club: "Somehow, everyone forgot that videogames about waging wars in outer space against enormous robots are allowed to be a smidge ludicrous. Where Halo and Mass Effect’s regal self-seriousness catapulted both series to the front of the class, Vanquish is the kid in the back row with a mullet, hawking spitballs at the chalkboard. It’s flat-out ridiculous, designed strictly to amuse, not to offer any greater message. Vanquish has no time for messages. It’s unashamed at being influenced by cheesy ’80s action movies (the villains are a vicious pack of space-age Russian terrorists), and its leading man, Sam Gideon, barks amazing action-hero clunkers like “You’re last year’s model!” after chucking some chump into the stratosphere."

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big_silky3651d ago

i can't say enough good things about this game. it's exactly the type of action game i've been dying to play. it's gonna be hard getting back into the gears/uncharted style of gameplay after the lightning quick action of this title.