PSP 2K Video Walkthrough

This video is a quick walkthrough of the new PSP, showing off some of the external key differences like the new UMD loading tray, the new Memory Stick cover, the battery and such. Brian shot a bunch of comparison shots, including some showing the PSP versus PSP2K versus DS Lite screens' brightness. It's hard to tell, but the PSP 2K's screen looks a touch brighter than the PSP's.

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drtysouf214158d ago

Can't wait to try out the remote play features and the video out features.

Premonition4158d ago

Sony better announce some time this week when its going to be out in the US, they already did for EU and Japan :(

Ri0tSquad4158d ago

major improvements and great library of games too.

RyuCloudStrife4158d ago

I dont have a PSP now I have a DS Lite but I plan on getting the new PSP not to offend any body but I hardly play my DS but I'm waiting for all those RPGS Square Enix announced :)