How Much Longer Before PS3/360 Sales Gap Closes?

The PlayStation 3 launched nearly one year after the Xbox 360, and Sony suffered from constant criticism concerning the console's price ($600 to start), the lagging Network, and a lack of must-have software.

Four years later, the worldwide sales gap between the PS3 and 360 has almost closed. According to the most recent sales data for the second fiscal quarter, and updated figures found at NeoGAF and summarized at, the PS3 has enjoyed a great 2010, outstripping the 360 by a current tally of 8.1 million compared to 5.8 million.

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deadreckoning6663649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I don't understand the obsession people have to see the PS3 close the sales gap or surpass the 360. As long as the PS3 sells enough so that Sony can continue to support their awesome exclusive lineups and continue to improve PSN..I'm happy.

I there something that the N4G PS3 fans know that I don't know? Is Sony giving every PS3 owner a $20 PSN Card once they close the sales gap? Please..I'd really like to know... "whats in it" for PS3 gamers when the PS3 finally outsells the 360?

big_silky3649d ago

bragging rights. the same people who sat repeating "sales don't matter" like a mantra for 4 years are showing their true hypocritical colors.

Cyrus3653649d ago

The hope that even more sales, will bring further exclusives?

darkcharizard3649d ago

The sales gap will take at least another year to close.. If you think otherwise, go commit suicide.

Shadow Flare3649d ago

"I don't understand the obsession people have to see the PS3 close the sales gap or surpass the 360"

Yep, you're right, it shouldn't be as big a deal as it is. But it's always satisfying to know that we, the Sony fans were right. Again.

FlatulentGhost3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Bragging rights? More like Karma's a Bitch.

Microsoft/Xbox fans on beyond3d and other PC game/graphics sites spewed endless lies and BS about the relative power of the PS3 and 360. Now after four years of PS3 games destroying anything on the 360 with Uncharted,Killzone 2,Uncharted 2,Killzone 3,GT 5, etc.

You're damn right PS3 fans are going to rub Xbox fan's faces in every mind boggling new PS3 exclusive.

Xbox fans latched onto HD-DVD because it wasn't Sony's Blu-Ray despite it being a crap format. They spent a year spewing BS about Blu-Ray.

When Sony and Blu-Ray kicked HD-DVD onto the trash heap of failed formats you are damn right PS3 fans gloated.

And when Xbox fans have sat around cheering fake console sales sites like vgchartz spewing a constant stream of lies and now the PS3 is selling so well even vgchartz can't lie their way out of the PS3 about to over take the 360 in world wide sales.

You better damn well believe PS3 fans are going gloat, brag, and rub Xbox fans faces in it.

Just look at Sony and Nintendo fans this gen. Both have treated each other with relative respect. No Sony fans running off to create fake sales sites to try to downplay Wii sales hoping that it will help the PS3. No PS3 fans making up silly stories about having problems with the Wiimote now that Move has launched.

Xbox fans haves shown themselves to deserve no such respect from the very same people and platforms they spewed lies about for five straight years.

pixelsword3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

That's Right, Flatulent. It's been a long time coming for those who took abuse on many a thread for merely saying they liked the PS3.

CivAddict3649d ago

>The sales gap will take at least another year to close.

It is going to be funny to look back at this time when the PS3 dumps the 360 into last place worldwide.

The PS3 looks like it is easily going to top the PS1's 105 million worldwide sales, but way too early to tell if it will reach the PS2's 150 million range.

41 million at the 4 year mark for the PS3 and it is still at the PS2's 300 dollar launch price. Sony is saying they expect to sell 15 million PS3s this year. When the PS3 drops to 200 dollars it isn't much of a leap to see it selling 20+ million consoles a year for a few years.

The PS3 has probably another 6-7 years life in it. That means it only has to average 10 million or so pass the PS1 which seems quite low.

120-130 million worldwide seems like a reasonable estimate for the PS3's lifetime sales.

nix3649d ago

Aunt Oprah and Ellen are here! this should make Jason 3rd60 and others happy.

cmrbe3649d ago

It really is so that x360 fans like you would once and for all SHUTUP!! about sales.

Really that's all and i know most PS fans would want.

Ever since the beginning of this gen x360 fans like you have been constantly touting x360 sales this x360 sales that and how its ahead of PS3 hardware and game sales blah blah blah. 'Oh Halo 3 sold gazzilion copies on day one haha'

I mean seriously. You guys really have some serious inferiority complex it's mind boggling. You guys are like little kids that were beaten last gen and then for once when they are ahead they brag like 12 year old its hilarious and when some of us who know better tries to tell you the truth like what is happening now you turn defensive.

Truth is i never really care about sales right from the beginning. I am sure most PS fans never did care about sales as well. Last gen when GT3 sold 15 million copies there were never any PS fans touting GT3 sales. ICO sold a measly 300k and no PS fan were saying it was a failure. Even when PS2 sold 100 million it was a little celebration and congratulatory remarks. The disscusion was mostly about games. This gen. Everything changed once the x360 was ahead.

Get it in your thick skull. Sales never mattered to PS fans. The only reason some of us reacted is because of idiots like you who would have bet their lives that the PS3 will never surpass the x360 hardware installbase and attacking PS fans like me for saying otherwise.

Have fun playing your last place casual crap console.

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pixelsword3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Because, as a fan of both consoles that I am and have no problem kicking either console when I feel the need to I just have to say this: It's because everyone has been saying that the PS3 would fail since 2005; with everyone from GameTrailers to Gabe Newell to Kotaku talking poorly from graphics comparisons and price to technical specs and games. How even Nintendo and Microsoft ganged-up on Sony at the 2005 of '06 E3 and said to buy both of theirs instead of a PS3.

Since then, the PS3 has risen above all of it's critics to persevere as the standard of HD gaming. Since then, GameTrailers has been caught several times doctoring graphics in favor of the 360. Since then, Gabe has switch sides. Since then, Kotaku has been exposed as the frauds they truly are. Since then Microsoft and the Wii have released several key exclusive games that equally disappoint in several aspects. Finally, since 2005 the PS3 has been cutting down the lead of it's only true and only HD competitor: the 360.

So, dead, if you want to know what's in it for PS3 fans I'll tell you:


nix3649d ago

well said. it was pixel-perfect! q:

pixelsword3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Thanks, I liked your comment, lol!

Chuk53649d ago

I disagree, but I agreed because that was a well thought out argument.

FlatulentGhost3649d ago

"The sales gap will take at least another year to close."

A year? You have to be joking.

The PS3 is only 500k or so behind the 360 in world wide sales now. And it sold over 2 million more consoles worldwide in the last quarter alone.

Death24943649d ago

the Xbox with Kinect that Oprah gave away are going to count as units sold when Microsoft come to tally the points. If you notice the trend, every quarter ps3 is outselling 360 by around 700k a quarter.

If this trend continues, then will have over taken 360 by holiday 2011.

0.7 x 4(quarters)(quarters=3 months) 2.8 million

scroll to bottom of the original post to see the trend.

B-Real2063649d ago

that's a very interesting thread.

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Ilikegames763649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Just play the game. Release the release date of GT5 already. Releasing GT5 is going to be like releasing the Kraken.

SMW3649d ago

You cant kill GT5 with a plasma rifle...

FiftyFourPointTwo3649d ago

"7 minutes... 7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you."


Hellsvacancy3649d ago

Ill b addin 2 the PS3 numbers AGAIN next week, my mighty 40gig (500hdd upgrade) TOTALLY died on me on Friday, in the past ive u repaired it myself (3 times) but the poor bastard couldnt take anymore epicness (its seen alot in the past)

Time to make way for Slim, should i go for the Move bundle? im not bothered about Move its just i assume the Move bundle would hav the NEWER PS3 models with it, the better models, am i right to think that, i dont wanna buy the 1t wave of Slim models i want the newest kind (am i makin sense? ive had a bit to smoke)

SMW3649d ago

First slims would have sold out months and months and months ago. Get the move bundle because move is great.

zeeshan3649d ago

If you r not into Move then get the normal $299 PS3. Or u might wana wait a while if u wana land a good deal as thanksgiving is almost here!!!

Chuk53649d ago

People call the 360 graphically outdated and alike, but these are same people how loved their ps2.Rightfully so, because it was a great system. The gap between the original xbox and ps2 was much greater, but because the roles have reversed this gen, it's okay to use same argument that doesn't matter in the scheme of things?

CivAddict3649d ago

" The gap between the original xbox and ps2 was much greater"

You're joking...right?

The PS2,GameCube,and Xbox were all putting out roughly the same poly counts, same resolution, etc. last gen.

No other console in history has so utterly destroyed its competition like the PS3 has done to the 360 this gen.

nix3649d ago

chuk, u need to play some PS3 exclusive games. strt with Uncharted. play Warhawk. then slowly move to newer games. slowly.

cmrbe3649d ago

than GOW or GT4 that was on the xbox.

xbox may have been superior but MS never had enough talent to showcase the xbox in different genera.

Its the same case this gen but the only difference is Sony now has the hardware as well.

Look, PS3 fans are not touting the PS3 hardware superiority. They are touting the PS3 exclusives.

Yes believe it or not. It really is all about the games which is why we are buying these gaming consoles.

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