Germany’s WiiMagazin Rates Sonic Colors a 92%

TSSZ News - The German publication WiiMagazin has given Sonic Colors for the Wii its highest rating yet–a 92%.

Scans were made available today from forumer Thigolf. It is in German, but some choice quotes made available via translation include the opening remark–There is a God and he’s a Sonic fan–and the revelation the game jumps right into the action, without an opening cutscene or setup cinematic. Praise was also given for the game’s level design and soundtrack.

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gumgum993651d ago

Not bad. This is looking to be a fresh start for the little blue guy.

kesvalk3650d ago

i will wait to be happy after i have the game in my hands...

Mahr3650d ago

This is getting ridiculous.