Tech-Gaming: Vanquish Review

Aficionados of intense action titles will surely relish in Vanquish's callous-inducing ballistic barrage. Recalling the frenzied skirmishes which once captivated Genesis owners, the title's refined delivery evokes the splendor of Japan's reigning era.

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big_silky3651d ago

why are people so concerned about the length? i'd rather take a short perfectly polished game like this than a long, bug riddled mess like fallout any day. i'd gladly pay $60 if this game was 2 hours long, it's that damn good.

if a game is short, play it again. did people throw out super mario brothers after they beat it in 15 minutes? old school gamers were paying $50, $60, even $80 (genesis strider) for games that can literally be beaten in half an hour and nobody complained, we played the game again.

deserteaglexix3650d ago

I have to agree Silky. I'd rather developers keep a game short and sweet than pad it with time wasting missions that drag down the game's tempo.