Ninja Theory talks Heavenly Sword 2, Online, Combat Controls and more

As Sony gears up to release Heavenly Sword on PS3 next month, Screen Play sat down with Ninja Theory's Nina Kristensen, co-founder and "chief development ninja". Heavenly Sword sees fiery red-head Nariko battle legions of enemies in elegant, stylish and fast-paced sword combat.

"What do you think makes Heavenly Sword a true next-gen game or experience?

I think one of the biggest things is the way we tell the story. It's a cinematic experience in which we really try to engage you as a player so that you are really genuinely emotionally connected to the characters. Things like the facial detail is very powerful, very next-gen. We do a lot of really subtle things like I don't know whether you know, but your eyeballs aren't round, they're a bit pointy. So when you look around, your bottom eyelid actually moves in and out a little bit. So we've incorporated that movement into the eyes. Things like that it. The importance of it is you can look and you can connect to the character, care about her, what happens to her and what journey she's going on."

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TriggerHappy4121d ago

Well at least she hints that they are working on something but nothing has been revealed yet, they will reveal it when they are ready. They have already said they would work on a sequel if this is successful and looking at the reviews, I'd say, they already are working on one.

xaphanze4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I'm hoping they learn from their mistakes from the first game and make it a a perfect sequel.

marshman4121d ago

Maybe since you think it needs so much work you should help them design it. Since thats what you do.

xaphanze4121d ago

lets admit it,reading the reviews have showed many bad aspects of the game!!
for once,its really short, the enemies all look the same, and the puzzles arent challenging at all.
Gamesradar finished and unlocked everything in the game in one single day.
No thanks,I'm buying Lair.

Foliage4121d ago

It depends what reviews you choose to believe.

bluegoblin4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

(JK)I think it looks amazing and it also says that it's about 10-15 hours long unlike the 6-7 hours xbots are making up.
Beautiful game, going to be mine!!

Goshyujin_Sama4121d ago

Its always nice to here it from the devs. themselves. The game looks great and im just as excited as the devs are about it. Day one AAA+++ buy all the way. If you own a PS3 id say its a must buy!

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