PS3/Wii RPG Rune Factory Oceans: new scans

Not a whole lot, but Dengeki’s a couple new pages showing the multiplatform (PS3, Wii) RPG Rune Factory Oceans.

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Godmars2903646d ago

This says to me that JRPGs don't give damn about exploring the value of HD consoles for the genera. they just want to make PS2-level ports with a glossy coat on them.

imoutofthecontest3646d ago

I can definitely see where you're coming from there, sure. I too would like to see moe JRPGs really get into HD capacilities of current consoles.

But I think there are others that will do so. FF Versus 13 will do that, Ninokuni looks phenominal (when I played it at TGS, it simply took my breath away), main-series Yakuza games are consistently on PS3, we had Resonance of Fate earlier this year...they're happening.

I'm OK with lack of HD as long as the gameplay is good. And really, the Rune Factory/Harvent Moon games have never been on the cutting edge of graphics anyway. I expect such things from other series, rather than this one.

As long as it plays well, I'm happy. All things in due time. But maybe I'm just too easy-going? ^_^

Seferoth753645d ago

You just know nothing about games Godmars.

You do not understand this is a niche title. Always has been. It is lucky to sale 200k when launched. What you are asking them to do is make one good Rune factory in HD and then go out of business when the game bombs and please let's not act like every RPG gets the sales of FF and DQ.

Considering how poorly their games sale on PS3 consider yourself lucky to be getting this at all.

Bobbykotickrulesz3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I've came to the conclusion that unless someone does it right, I don't like turn based fighting anymore.

What I mean by "does it right", is not the same old turn based we've always seen. Attack, defend, magic, etc etc. I want to see an awesome spin on it, with all the other awesome RPG elements.

Kind of like VC's unique combat system. Not saying an RPG should use THAT combat, I'm just saying they should create something unique such as that.

Godmars2903645d ago

Always thought the point of having turn based combat was so you could focus on the f/x in attacks. Just look at the difference in FF summons from turn based to real time. How the latter either takes you out of the experience or are hardly notable.

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mikhail_tisoy3646d ago

no xbox360?confirmed japan hates xbox

PirosThe4th3646d ago

many games lately are just ps3 and wii... O.o

Dragun6193646d ago

Hm well the PS3 version has Move support so I would think that's probably why its only on PS3/Wii, cause both have it has motion control controllers.


The Wii has had many great games that where third party... but they did not sell compared to the MASSIVE 75 mill wii owners that are out there. Now that the Move is out and in search of more games... its an easy hd upgrade and patch to get these games on the PS3... example "no more heroes" these games cannot be played on XBOX.

Seferoth753645d ago

Many great games that were 3rd party??? Care to name those off troll? Pretty sure I can name games that scored higher and sold less on PS3.

Your example of NMH is kind of lame. You must not know the second is already on 360 and that even the Wii version of desperate struggle uses the classic controller because of kids like you claiming they'd play it without motion controls so they watered both games down for PS3/360 owners and the game still bombed hard.

Usually sales trolls are the most ignorant in the bunch. Cant wait to hear that list of 3 games that supposedly bombed and pretty sure like most ignorant trolls you are going to name off a few million sellers....

d3nworth13645d ago

jrpgs don't sell well on the 360. 360 audience are mostly into shooters but you are right to some extent the japanese don't really like that system. It was the first to launch but still has the smallest userbase there.

STiRacer3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

xbox is no-box in Japan

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Ruggadagod3645d ago

i love niche games like this.