(Gameplay Video) Ghouls Meet Their Maker in Fallout: New Vegas

Paul writes, "In the following video you can see that the ghouls of Fallout: New Vegas have a little something wrong in their minds about where they came from. For those of you who don't know, ghouls come from radiation poisoning, in fat they are normal human beings suffering from a terrible side effect of extreme exposure to deadly rads.

These ghouls think they are superior beings from another planet, and have it set in their mind that they want to go off to that planet and meet their ultimate creator. After brainwashing an actual human to think he's a ghoul they have succeeded in planning preparations for their trip. At the last minute though things turn in another direction for them as this man finds out he is actually a human and speaking / thinking like a ghoul for no reason.

Check out the video and see what happens as these ghouls launch for "their great journey" to meet their maker."

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Hitman07693651d ago

Even though this game is a lot like Fo3 I really think it's pretty cool. This video had me cracking up!!!

meiamsome3651d ago

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theory, just look these ghouls think they are from another planet? Do they forget being human!?

Nitrowolf23651d ago

yeah mine ended with them going to space

CrzyFooL3651d ago

I sabotaged them too. It's amazing what you can do with some Sugar Bombs. DIE MUTIES!!

Hitman07693651d ago

Now that was a really epic fail lol!

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