Hell Descent: Suitable Mention In Horror: Fable III

Fable III has just been released, and while playing through this action RPG, I found a pretty damn creepy scene. Without spoiling too much, our Hero finds his or herself ashore a mysterious land. He or she and Walter, an old war veteran friend, travel in the only direction available to them; a dark ominous cave. Within this cave lies a very interesting enemy, and his ‘children’. Fable III has earned itself rights in our Suitable Mention In Horror series. Now before we go on, let me warn you guys that there will be spoilers. Hit the jump for the full article.

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mikhail_tisoy3645d ago

last part of the story was really good

T9X693644d ago

"Without spoiling too much"

You're posting the end of the is that not spoiling much? If you don't want the end of the game to be ruined, don't read the full story.

Tikicobra3644d ago

The picture alone is a spoiler.

Convas3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Well, yes, it is a spoiler, but it's minor, and I say that because, if you've looked at the achievements of the game, which most people have, there's a specific achievement that's got *spoiler* literally written in it's description to protect sensitive story bits and there's a picture of the above creature.

So technically, we already knew we'd have to fight that monster for weeks, maybe even months now. However, we just don't know the specifics, and I haven't even started the game yet, so I won't be clicking.

T9X693644d ago

Technically we didn't know we would have to fight that monster because the achievement said *Spoiler*. Either way, they should have used a different picture since that pic is at the end of the game.

3644d ago
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