Nintendo Power chooses the most influential Nintendo-published games of all time

Nintendo Power has chosen the most influential Nintendo games, and provided their opinions on which titles were influenced by those games, such as Ico with The Legend of Zelda.

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boogeyman9993644d ago

What the heck. I do not remember Nintendo publishing Tetris.

darkcharizard3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

It's a good list.

Genki-JAM3644d ago

Hmm.. I would say this list was biased since it was in Nintendo Power, but when they're Nintendo games, I guess you can't argue, right?

Valay3644d ago

Lolz, that was the point.
"Nintendo Power chooses the most influential Nintendo-published games of all time"

Seferoth753643d ago

I don't think the poor clown understands. Most influential NINTENDO GAMES... Yeah a Nintendo site naming off Nintendo games in an article ONLY about Nintendo games.... YeaH TOTALLY bias...

Shouldnt you be off playing your PS3?

jazzking20013644d ago

9. GoldenEye 007
7. Pokemon Red Version and Pokemon Blue Version

both should be much higher on the list

boogeyman9993644d ago

Pokemon I would put higher but I would not put the Pokemon games any higher.

mackormoses3644d ago

I personally think Wii Sports should be higher. It influenced the great swarm of cheap cash ins we know and love, as well as a great copy-cat from Sony. I really can't think of a more influential Nintendo game.

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