A Storm Is Threatening Call of Duty Black Ops

The question remains as whether or not Black Ops will feature music of the 1960’s and 70’s throughout the game.

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JLesinski3646d ago

Interesting take on this upcoming battle of titles. Very good read

JsonHenry3646d ago

My vote is for the 70s.

Blacktric3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Go for the 60's. Oh and Creedence Clearwater Revival FTW!

Edit: Just watched the Launch Trailer and they put Gimme Shelter by Rolling Stones. It was awesome. I mean, instead of adding songs, made by Eminem to their trailers, they should've did this instead.

psman0123645d ago

We need the 60's.


Bleucrunch3646d ago

This game needs to die...I am sick and tired of the same regurgitation of this game year in and year out....ugh!

JeffGUNZ3645d ago

The changes and differences in this game to MW2 is astonishing. You need to do a little more research before you troll. They have added things that no COD has seen and has fixed a magnitude of things that ruined the MW2 experience.

JuLiAn18D73645d ago

^ Couldn't have put it better myself. Like I said in another article, hating on CoD is the "in" thing. He probably thinks he sounds "cool" and wants agrees.

Lyr1c3645d ago


How do you figure that hating call of duty is the "in" thing? Black Ops is all people have been talking about, saying things like:





-Alpha3646d ago

Not on PS3 unfortunately >:(

BulletToothtony3646d ago

well once you have spent over a thousand bucks on a 7.1 surround sound to make sure u know where the enemies are coming from..

custom soundtracks are not needed/wanted but on racing games yes it's nice.. good thing my fave racing franchise, Motorstorm does indeed support it

blumatt3646d ago

Don't be a jackass. That was obviously a jab at PS3 for not having in-game music as a standard.

uNDIsBUted3646d ago

Ps3 doesn't support custom tracks? I did not know that.*chuckles* but I thought it did everything

blumatt3646d ago music isn't really THAT big a feature. lol Honestly, more and more devs. are starting to allow it in PS3 games, but even in those games I never use it because I want to hear the game sounds, not some random music. I'll take the best console graphics, more exclusives, and better hardware reliability any day over standard in-game music. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Rocket Sauce3646d ago

The main reason I'm getting this one on Xbox is to listen to my own music.

I kinda doubt Gimme Shelter will be in the game :(

Phoenixxx_Blaze3646d ago

He can make the jabs all he wants. The games i want custom music for i already play. Hell, i used to play killzone 2 with my music online. So it still does nearly everything, just wether or not a developer decides to implement it freely. Or does the developer have to be forced for something because thats what the system manufacturer wants. Besides, any shooter, music isnt exactly your friend. Just a thought.

Lyr1c3645d ago

So this is why my team always sucks......

They're listening to music instead of the battlefield.

The get ambushed because they can't hear footsteps from behind, or gunshots to the left.

Anyway, why do Xbots love their in-game music so much if they're always supposed to be talking to their friends via X-Game Voice Chat?

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ReservoirDog3163646d ago

Haha, well at least the music in the game is actually gonna be good. 60s and 70s music was actually good. Unlike today's music.

Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones will probably never be topped.

ZombieNinjaPanda3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

If you don't like 60s music then you can just gtfo. Thank you kindly.

Edit @ ReservoirDog

Todays music is good too! You gotta appreciate it all. Except for crap like Justin Beiber and some of that other crap like the Millionaires.

ReservoirDog3163646d ago

Haha, music nowadays has no soul. It's just worthless singing without any meaning. Every single line from a Pink Floyd song is layered with meaning. That's the problem with music nowadays. It's just about money and girls (or guys).

itsralf3646d ago

Do you just listen to the radio? Because there is tons of incredible music filled with meaning out there, across all genres.

ReservoirDog3163646d ago

Nope, only listen to the classic rock stations if I do. The groundswell of stuff that's popular nowadays pales in comparison to older stuff.

seinfan3646d ago

lmao, I just loved that second comment of yours.
I'm a fan of both the 360 and PS3, but that truly was funny.

ChineseDemocracy3646d ago

My tv speakers have dual-audio outputs, so I just hook up my iPod and turn off the in-game music. Much more convenient, and I can still enjoy games on the Station.

There are workarounds, it just takes a little bit of creativity.

visualb3645d ago

its that same troll with a new alt account thats 1 day old

debubble and ignore - engaged.

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ddurand13646d ago

i would love to hear songs like fortunate son (CCR) and shit like that. a forrest gump like soundtrack would be preferable.

gypsygib3646d ago

I think they should, some music from the 60s and 70s would probably embody the mood of the Vietnam war better than something contemporary like Eminem. That being said, I don't think this game has any delusions about being a realistic period piece, it's pure action entertainment. I think a mixture music would probably work best.

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