5 November Games that (Might) Warrant Your Skepticism

Ex: "Here are five of the most anticipated games coming out in November that might (or might not) be worth your money. I'm not necessarily playing Devil's Advocate or being an irrational hater by scrutinizing each of these titles. What I'd like to think I'm doing, though, is doing the homework and objectively analyzing November's biggest releases so gamers can make a well informed purchasing decision and (hopefully) avoid buyer's remorse."

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Urmomlol3646d ago

While I don't agree with all the conclusions of the author, I thought it was still a decent analysis. I didn't realize Eurocom had such an intimate relationship with the Bond franchise --GoldenEye 007 might not suck after all.

Oh and Kinect is going to be awful. Mark my words. It'll do better than Move in sales, but I see even less relevance in a year or two from now.

Queasy3646d ago

Bloodstone and Splatterhouse would be my two most shakey releases.

Kinect is going to be a big seller but its fate will be determined by the games. Some will be good, some will be OK and some will suck monkey balls.

GamingGamer3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

has nothing to do with gaming....
it will be on Oprah and Allen as well...

so again, even if it is successful, hardcore gamers dont win. since this just proves that MS is focusing hard on casual

Queasy3646d ago

Does every new gaming thing have to be about the hardcore? There's still plenty of 'hardcore' games coming out for the 360 next year and some Japanese devs have already announced 'hardcore' games for Kinect coming out later. Just a matter if they are actually worth playing which we won't know for a while.

rroded3646d ago Show
GamingGamer3646d ago

yea but i bought my xbox for hardcore gaming... i would not mind if MS continued to support hardcore, but you can tell they pretty much abandoned hardcore by lookin at next year line up.

and hardcore on kinect is petting a tiger.

Bigpappy3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Well just play hardcore game on it! Gee, that was easy.

You hot Halo and Fable in the last 2 months. What hardcore games did you get on your PS3? Sound to me like any one is getting abandon, it would be PS3 owners. Just saying.

uNDIsBUted3646d ago

Why do you care so much about kinect? No article is complete without you mouthing off about kinect. What's it to you? Kinda getting tired of your brand of nonsense at every turn. You're satisfied with Sony right? Why then are you concerned with kinect and what x360 players are buying?
When you're done using Sony juice as mouthwash, could you please provide a link to your proof about real kinect sales?

GamingGamer3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

how so??
past ps3 exclusives are very good... especially games above 8.0 ratings. but xbox had great exclusives as well..

but next year, Xbox is only coming up with Gears 3 in Nov while PS3 has 13 exclusives coming up. thats 1vs 13.

i did get Fable 3, but it isnt as good... 81 metacritic and coming on PC as well...

DelbertGrady3646d ago

You never stop believing, do you?

They say the same thing every year. This holiday the 360 has had both Halo Reach, Fable 3 and a ton of great XBLA games. Super Meat Boy hardcore enough for you?

The PS3 has had nothing but Move. And the usual delays that make you believe next year you'll get 13 exclusives. Good luck with that! :)

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EYEamNUMBER13646d ago

splatter house is coming out already? i wasn't even aware
something tells me that game isn't gonna be good

Rigmaster3646d ago

"Oh and Kinect is going to be awful. Mark my words."

The fact that Microsoft has had to fake their two E3 showings of Kinetic is more than enough to confirm the horrible reports of lag and other problems people who have actually tried Microsoft's Eye Toy clone have complained about.

uNDIsBUted3646d ago

Apparently you're only concerned with videos that supports your biased notion since you're completely ignoring the 3 latest previews and videos of kinect that showed no lag. Gamespot posted a currently playing video of kinect and it looked very responsive. But i'm sure you made sure to forget that video but you'll remember a video from MONTHS ago

insomnium3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

You are so offended when someone blames MS for making a 180 turn on their userbase and your comment history has replies like:

"Ps3 doesn't support custom tracks? I did not know that.*chuckles* but I thought it did everything"

"I'm just happy that my updates ALWAYS ADD FEATURES
and doesn't remove them"

"Now instead of 12
You'd have 150 012 people online "

You are hands down the biggest hypocrite there is. But don't worry. Children usually are not capable of noticing these things so there's nothing to be ashamed about for you.

Here is the reply to your PM too: What does the rules state about alt accounts? Jizz-guzzlers? It seems you are using the latest tough-guy-word they came up in your junior high. I envy you so much, you are so tough.

@ mods this is a direct copy paste of his PM to me. "dude, what are you 3? Obviously this is an alt account". What does the rules say about alternate accounts?


"Well just play hardcore game on it! Gee, that was easy"

Where exactly do you find a connection between Kinect and hc-gamers? You tell me that. Why didn't you reply to the rest of his comment?

I don't get it why is it so hard to understand the hate for Kinect. Kinect is not hc. WE ARE hc-gamers here at a gaming related website. Every sigle one of us should not be happy about MS's switch to casual after all the BS they talked about "it's all about the games" and such.

I CANNOT BELIEVE I actually have to say (teach) things that are this OBVIOUS.

vhero3645d ago

Goldeneye will suck as its on the wrong console simple as. There is no good control system on the wii for FPS games not to mention with the wii's net well.. Lets just say it would have been better on the 360/ps3. It will fail on wii..

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dtrain213646d ago

Kinect is gonna slaughter the competition in quality and in sales

jony_dols3646d ago

I know this is 100% irrelevant.

But Duke Nukem Forever has been leaked on the Xbox.

13 years of waiting is over.

The-Tentacle3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Duke Nukem leaked on an Xbox?

It must have Red Ring'd on him.

"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all outta gum."

vhero3645d ago

Nope it's not been leaked.. Dunno where you get your BS.. But your obviously chasing shadows use ABGX next time to confirm your releases (google it)

dirthurts3646d ago

But at the same time I'm interested in giving it a try. It's an interesting idea...if nothing else.

I don't see myself buying any motion controller at 150 bucks...but there are people who will.

Imperator3646d ago

Yea, sure, whatever you say buddy. lol.

poopnscoop3646d ago

Gran Turismo should be on this list, but LOL it got delayed because there's clearly something wrong with it. it's a game for car nuts, but the real racing is where it's always been --with Forza on Xbox.

Imperator3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you're may 12, 13 years old and this is the your first generation of gaming. That, or you're just one very delusional person.

3646d ago
awiseman3646d ago

And BAM u got intant hit. Sony faboys never cease to act as predicted

MGRogue20173646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

007: Bloodstone looks quite interesting.. It seems to be a lot more than a rental from what I've seen.

I need to see some footage of it's multi-player though.

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