Top 9 Gaming's Wonderful Over-The-Top Weaponry

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "Countless games have weapons, as countless games are violent. Many a character over the years has wielded a quite ridiculously large weapon that surely wouldn't be manageable in most situations, but somehow manages to carry it off with a lot of grace and style to boot. These are just some of my personal favourite O.T.T Videogame weapons..."

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gamerdude1323650d ago

Totally agree with the Flak Cannon, Scorpion's Spear, BFG (which also came from DOOM), and Abe's ability. The others are some I've never heard of.

toaster3650d ago

Yeah I love the BioForceGun. Oh wait.. stupid Doom movie *facepalm*.

Pretty much all of UT weapons are over the top. But they're also very balanced, that's what makes UT fun. The sniper and shock rifle are my favorites in UT.

The Wood3650d ago

When I first stated playing ut I always used to ignore it. When I learned how to use it properly I killed many men. Great for around the corner kills with the right left shot

ThanatosDMC3650d ago

Weird, i could never get into shock rifles but when i do end up relying on it i usually use the alt fire for the blue balls which does 55 dmg per hit, if i remember correctly. The primary fire did 40 dmg. Those balls are hard to dodge at close quarters.

But my favorite ultimate weapon for close range is the sniper rifle. 65 dmg and almost fires as fast as the enforcer. Also, i usually hit the head and i dodge extremely well. UT99 was the best.

AKS3650d ago

The shock rifle can be quite deadly in the right hands. You can really work someone over in a congested area by shooting and detonating the alt fire. The regular fire is also very accurate and fast.

I was really into using the biorifle for quite a while just because it's one of the weakest UT weapons unless you land a charged shot. It was so satisfying to land one of those and just walk away while your opponent is helpless.

The Flak Cannon is probably the classic choice for UT, but most of them were pretty potent. I think the link gun is very underrated. I was pretty successful with it. The sniper rifle so vicious. It is probably the easiest to use sniper rifle I've seen, and how rewarding to hear that announcer yell "HEAD SHOT!" every time you kill your opponent! :)

despair3650d ago

BFG 9000 from doom :)

but flak canon was great, lost track of the "Godlike" streaks I got from either a face on normal hit or an ambushed alt fire because of just that gun, by far my favorite weapon of UT.

ThanatosDMC3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Also, the shards can ricochet on the walls for a little bit.

The Chaos mod that came with the game, UT99:GOTY, had some weird flak gun that shoots the alt fire of the flak cannon at a faster rate. In close quarters though, you could end up killing yourself with the shrapnels.

I think the mod also let's you use the BFG 9000 as a replacement for the redeemer and also other guns with redeemer like explosions.

Nihilism3650d ago

Yay for the flak cannon, *pops around a corner to see some poor sucker that just respawned #BAM# *


Quagmire3650d ago

must.... resist....trolling...

Iramo3649d ago

,and to the below yes that thing is cool

Ducky3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

The handgun with the zoom-in was pretty over the top.

Although I think Agent47 (Hitman series) deserves an honorable mention.
In BloodMoney they have dual-wielding silverballers with, what was it, silencers, laser sights, AND an acog scope... not to mention extended mags.
Oh how they were so absurdly fun to use.

ShinMaster3650d ago

The R.Y.N.O. is the shiz!

The Wood3650d ago

That and the flak. If you can see a smiley're dead

Kamikaze83650d ago

Have to love the Flak Cannon. But its not a "laser-scattergun", it actually fires explosive flak shells during alt fire, and during regular it detonates the shell in the barrel, launching shrapnel forward.

despair3650d ago

yea was wondering about that.

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