Neocrisis: Fist of the North Star Review

Neocrisis: If you want a very fast paced fighting game, then this is not the one you are looking for. I find the fighting aspect to be extremely slow. I may be biased in that i have been playing Lords of Shadow which has a very fast paced fighting mechanic.

I know that these two are different fighting games but Fists is still too slow. However, once one gets used to it, the fighting does improve to a certain degree. The fighting also improves a bit more once you level your various moves.

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Neko_Mega3651d ago

I like this game, but kind of wish it was like the old one for NES and Genesis.

When you hit someone, they go flying off screen ^-^ but if you want a game that is fun and to kill time. This be it, other then that I don't think to many people will want this.

Not in less you are a anime fan or a fan of the anime.

kanetheking3651d ago

but get it when it's many better games out there.

jazzking20013651d ago

ya, once its MUCH cheaper, get it
i dont think its worth 60

Kalowest3651d ago

Same here, i never watched the anime; but i did see the live action movie.

yewles13651d ago

^ You poor person you... T_T

Tommykrem3650d ago

I found the presentation in this game to be the worst I have ever encountered in a demo. Gameplay was fine though.

Ruggadagod3651d ago

and i liked the game. I'm gonna get it later in november after i'm done with the sly collection and black ops.

Kalowest3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I liked the demo, buy the game when i have $. I feel like reading the manga Fist of the North Star now.

jazzking20013651d ago

watch the anime
its pretty cool

jazzking20013651d ago

fighting is really BEYOND pretty cool
but little to no story

Game-ur3651d ago

Watch the Anime movie, its more brutal. Along with Akira it introduced me to the mature face of Anime

ChronoJoe3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

That review is written worse than some of the .de sites, post google translation.

Why do you people tolerate this trash?

soundslike3651d ago

"Why do you people tolerate this trash? "

Sums up this generation of gaming in general

Buffniceguy3651d ago

I want this game it kinda reminds of God Hand XD I love that game.

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