Call Of Duty: Black Ops Full Retail Version Leaked

The full retail copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops has today finally been leaked. This leak means...

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easto1a3650d ago

If only i had a modded console!!!

BubbleSystemSuck3650d ago

i have one.. but i dont care... im waiting to playing legal on my PS3.

kancerkid3650d ago

Hopefully some idiots download the obviously fake torrents out there and get some awesome viruses!

Red_Orange_Juice3650d ago

LOL, you're denying the abvious, it's full retail, as every game

deafwing3650d ago

and I'm sure xbox/pc owners are worried about being kicked off live again ...

come_at_me_bro3650d ago

Yup, PC gamers are terrified of being kicked off of Xbox Live alright.

il-mouzer3650d ago

I shit my pants thinking I might get banned one day or another from Windows LIVE...

I'm srs yo!

MGRogue20173650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Microsoft are releasing the new firmware on the 1st which supposedly cripples JTAG'ed console so the pirates are going to find it hard to play online.. hah!

Of course, It's only a matter of time until teh haxOrs find a way.. as always. -_-

MightyMark4273650d ago

hackers and pirates always prevail... game companies have been fighting these for a long time... and yet, they always win

AKA3650d ago

they will make fun of you...

bjh0893650d ago

i would jus wanna check out the sp now than the multiplayer on nov 9th. i wonder how early a pc leak will be

TheIneffableBob3650d ago

Black Ops uses Steam for DRM so pre-release piracy is impossible. What Steam does is it downloads essential files required to play the game when you install it; the game files on the disc are missing those essential files.

steve30x3650d ago

Wrong. Most games that use steam DRM lately get cracked within an hour now. A game that uses steam DRM last week was cracked before it was even on steam.

TheIneffableBob3649d ago

That's because they were released in numerous regions, and some regions don't use Steam as DRM.

Cracking a game on Steam is no problem, but it isn't possible to crack a game using Steam BEFORE it is released.

Orionsangel3650d ago

Let's have a toast for the douche-bag hackers,
Let's have a toast for the assholes online,
Let's have a toast for the 12 year old scumbags,
Every one of them that I don't know.
Let's have a toast to the racist jerkoffs
That should play Gears and get their heads blown off!
Gamers, I got a plan.
Ban as much players as you can.

KaDa3650d ago

I see you guys till next week when I have the game, I dont wanna be spoiled....

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The story is too old to be commented.