How PS3 Cut Xbox 360's Lead Down to Nothing

According to sales figures from Microsoft and Sony, sales for Xbox 360 are at 41.7 million units and sales for PS3 are at 41.6 million units. It’s hard to believe that only 100,000 units separate two consoles who once had a huge disparity in sales, including one who’s future was nearly in jeopardy. Here’s a look at how the PS3 ended up cutting the 360′s lead down to nothing, and why it has as much to do with Microsoft as it does Sony.

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Godmars2903651d ago

I can only believe that someone somewhere either got their numbers wrong, or have been lying up until some point.

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There are various cases with wrong numbers in the site.

doa7663651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

done: Fable 3 and Halo Reach's single player and graphics are pathetic

obsolete: the most viasually impresive exclusive is still gears of war 2

going casual: Kinect

tell me I'm wrong, name one 360 exclusive better looking than Gears 2, tell me the single player in in Fable 3 or Halo Reach is good, tell me that Kinect is for gamers

Rigmaster3651d ago

"360 is done, obsolete and going casual"

Not really any other choice for Microsoft.

There was no way they were going to spend more billions on new hardware after eight year long Xbox train wreck.

Slapping on some PS3 Eye Toy style motion controls really is all they had left to do other than just giving up and going back to focusing on PC gaming.

Can't compete with the PS3 exclusives - 21 first party Sony studios vs only 3 for Microsoft

Can't compete with the PS3 graphically - PS3 games make 360 games look like an entire generation behind

Can't compete outside of the US - 360 is dead in Japan and Europe.

Even if Microsoft wanted to create new Xbox hardware, the giant FU they have given to their Halo fanbase with the joke that is Kinetic most likely puts an end to the long term Xbox brand.

chad22hkd3651d ago

Ps3 and 360 are so close that no one really is winning. 3 to 5 million over another console is nothing. The real only winner is the wii this gen as far a sales goes.

MaxXAttaxX3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Sony was at 41.6mil by Q2.
We're entering Q4 now. It's at least 5 mil more by now.

skrug3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

that's Fiscal Year = for Sony it starts in April

so FY2010 Q1 = April- June
Q2 = July - Sept

*I did not disagree with u

MaxXAttaxX3651d ago

Ah ok. Totally forgot the whole fiscal year thing.

Clarence3651d ago

I just notice what you posted very smart. Sony has to be well pass 41.6m by now.

moparful993651d ago

Regardless of when these number are from the clear and only conclusion that can be made is that sony IS closing the gap and this whole "Teh PSTre is in dah last place" crap means nothing.. Anti ps3 users of this site want the ps3 to fail and they will spin anything they can to substantiate those desires and when you prove them wrong what do they do? You sony defense force trolls this and sony fanboy's that... It's sad because this is exactly what american politics are like, a bunch of overpaid and overgrown kids slinging mud and belittling others... Frankly I'm embarassed to be known as a gamer due to behavior like that on this site..

PostApocalyptic3650d ago

Just add October PS3 sales to the 41.6mil number if you want to get an idea. But we'd have to wait for Q3 numbers to get the best tally.

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lowcarb3651d ago

I'm not going to say who lied but one company definitely is up to something.

Imperator3651d ago

That would be MS, since all evidence points to them.

PopEmUp3651d ago

will my M$ get sue for this, I mean can you can't lie to public and your shareholder about annual

vhero3651d ago

MS been doing it for years but they have good ways of covering there tracks as to not be caught liable.

tinybigman3651d ago

this so won't end well lol.

MikeGdaGod3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

i've been saying this since day one, MS sale numbers mean nothing.

i have had three 360's that died on me. according to MS, the two 360's i received free from Best Buy were sold to me because they came off the sales floor. BUT I DID NOT PAY FOR THEM. i got them because Best Buy has a great warranty/return policy. I bought one yet I count for three and now my cousin said that the last one doesn't even work any more.

the amount sold doesn't truthfully represent the amount sitting in homes today. the high failure rate and the banned consoles helped their numbers more than most people realize.

SonyOwnsNextYear3651d ago

sw sales will never be where they should, due to the dead units spamming the sales column on the spread sheet.

its basically replacements.... which in turn explains the multi-billion funds they have burned into the 360 project.
I dont even bother to keep up with the tab, but i think the first xbox was also a failure. One which m$ had also been keeping afloat by burning serious cash.....

now its just worse due to the hardware and developers studios conundrum they find themselves in

Rigmaster3651d ago

It is amazing to when you even are generous and estimate the number of replacement Xbox 360s that have been bought.

50-60 percent failure rate. The duplicate Xbox 360 has to be easily in the 5-10 million or more range. Just about every Xbox 360 owner talks about 3-4 different consoles they have owned. Buying new ones each time because they heard the new model finally fixes the RRoD problems.

DaTruth3651d ago

The big thing is that most people pin their success on increased market share, but when you sell 2, 3 and even four consoles to each customer, it is hard to say if you increased your market share!

25 mil original XBOX customers could easily become 40 mil 360 customers under these circumstances!

gunnerforlife3651d ago

as much as i like to read a pro sony article, they should get there facts right! at the beginning it said ps3 is at 41.6 (4. EXCLUSIVE GAMES) and somewhere down the bottom it said ps3 is at 41.5... make up your mind which one isit? poor journalism from the writer! but still Ps3 is kicking ass!

raztad3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

This article has a big flaw.

"According to sales figures from Microsoft and Sony, sales for Xbox 360 are at 41.7 million ..."

That figure doesnt include the last quarter.

The article still makes some good points, but that xbox sales figure is outdated.

EDIT: For the people that might not be aware, last MS report put xbox shipped numbers at 44m. Look it up, there are several articles here at N4G.

morganfell3651d ago

That's the issue. Those are shipped numbers and Sony reports sold numbers. Links in my comment here:

Nathaniel_Drake3651d ago

yeah shipped, but we are talking about sold here its 42 for MS and 41.6 for Sony last time I checked.

Christopher3650d ago

I think the number sold in NA and UK alone would add ~2m to the outdated 360 sales amount, if not more.

July - 444k
August - 357k
September - 484k

~1.3m just from NA right there. It's unlikely that the 360 isn't maintaining at least a 3m lead at this time considering the strong sales of the 'S' models.

SonyOwnsNextYear3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

famous microsoft quotes:

consoles are for hardcore gamers. screw the ps3 and the wii.

hddvd is superior. bluray will fail.

hdmi is not needed.

rrod doesnt exist.

* we made 1000000 sales!!!!!(rrod replacement units)

bioshock is exclusive.

zune >>>> any mp3 player


kinect will conquer the world.


do we really have to question its agenda and obvious failures?

remember the sying : "sony is in shape for a marathon, the 360 is tailored for a quick sprint".

Ms is gassed. out of fuel. old. done. R.I.P.

doa7663651d ago

my favorite is one they said that the 360 was three times more powerful thatn the PS3

and to think that even now morons still hope for a 360 game that will look like Uncharted, Killzone or God of War

sdtarm3651d ago

Lol and this one

360 is sellin like hotcakes, screw PS3

*sales numbers released*

we play games not sales..


Snakefist303651d ago

'my favorite is one they said that the 360 was three times more powerful thatn the PS3 '

That One Definetly made me Laugh.LOL!!

creatchee3650d ago

You shouldn't rag on Microsoft so much with the amount of fail happening in your own post. Let's break it down...

"consoles are for hardcore gamers. screw the ps3 and the wii."

I'm pretty sure that Microsoft reps wouldn't say "screw" a rival - it's not professional. And could you provide a link for where they said that consoles are for hardcore gamers ONLY, because the 360 has supported casual gaming since it's launch.

"hddvd is superior. bluray will fail."

Microsoft backed HD-DVD. Should they have said that it was inferior? Besides - it was good tech that didn't catch on. Blu-ray is better, but it's not like there was a huge enough disparity to make this a laughable claim or anything.

"hdmi is not needed."

HDMI is not, in fact, needed. HD output is possible through both component and PC connections. It is a nice option though.

"rrod doesnt exist."

Microsoft has never denied the existence of the RROD. Their extension of the 360's warranty to 3 years supports this.

"* we made 1000000 sales!!!!!(rrod replacement units)"

Huh? This statement doesn't make sense. If you implying that a large portion on 360 sales are due to RROD, I redirect your attention to the 3 year warranty. Sure, some sales can be attributed to replacement, but it's probably not as large a percentage as you would hope.

"bioshock is exclusive."

Bioshock was a timed exclusive. It was a smart play on Microsoft's part because when it was released on PS3 over a year later, it sold nowhere near as well, and any multiconsole owners who wanted to play it bought it for the 360 because it was the only option for a time.

"zune >>>> any mp3 player"

Personal preference is personal preference. I know people who like the iPod, and those who like the Zune. Neither are right or wrong.


This remains to be seen. It looks like the PS3 has a good chance, but the big factors on the immediate horizon will be Kinect and Gran Turismo 5.

"kinect will conquer the world."

Again - who knows? We'll find out soon enough.



"do we really have to question its agenda and obvious failures?"

Do you think that Microsoft is any different than Sony (or any other company for that matter)? They want to sell as much of their product as possible. Period. That is the goal of every business. And how has Microsoft failed? Has it not sold great numbers of its console? Is it not now known as a formidable player in the video game industry? That's not failure.

"remember the sying : "sony is in shape for a marathon, the 360 is tailored for a quick sprint".

Ms is gassed. out of fuel. old. done. R.I.P."

If a sprint lasts 5 years and is still going, is it still a sprint?

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MNicholas3651d ago

inflate retail sales figures.

This is because for each defective unit replaced by a 3rd party warranty, two xbox 360s are sold by the retailer.

The first is paid for by the customer.

The replacement is paid for by the warranty company connected to the retailer.

ImmortalLegend3651d ago

I know quite a few people that have bought PS3s mainly for a Blu-Ray player and hardly ever play any games at all. It's obvious, you get a Blu-Ray player and a pretty good gaming system in 1 package only for $299. Imagine if it were to drop to $199... I'm not surprised that Sony is closing the gap because they obviously have more experience with videos game consoles and know how to make the right moves unlike Microsoft.

theoneb3651d ago

History is repeating its self. DVD didnt really take off til PS2 came out. Similar to now PS2 was the cheapest player around. It wasnt the best but it pushed the new tech. If MS would have put HDDVD in the box I dont think BLU RAY would have won.

RedDragan3651d ago

I am pretty sure the BD was always going to beat HD-DVD. Warner Bros was always the key figure in determining the outcome because:

1) Warner Bros was always pro Sony, having collaborated in a several upcoming movies. That part is political.

2) Warner Bros saw that Sony Pictures was always going to favour BD saw that was a large part of the market already adopting one format.

3) Warner Bros being the real key is that they own 75% of the Hollywood catalogue, so with Sony Pictures also being a Top 3 Movie Producer and choosing BD, there would be no format war which would have cost Warner Bros.

Warner Bros basically knew all along what it was going to do, and being the undisputed big boy of movies it was always going to side with another Top 3 producer of Movies... who happened to be a company owned by a format manufacturer.

Universal, the Number 2 producer, likely had the same thinking as Warner Bros, but being so much smaller respectively there was far less attention from the media about their decision.

HD-DVD was dead in the water from the start because it did not have an owner that was involved in the film and gaming industries, and that lack of guaranteed adoption from day 1 cost the format dearly.

It was beneficial at the start for there to be a minor war, the producers get some double sales from people who bought HD-DVD... but in the long wrong it would lose the money as going for one way production reduces costs.

HD-DVD was never going to win. Toshiba need to buy into either a gaming firm or movie firm if they want to stand a chance in the next format war, should there be another format war.

The world of business is vicious.

theoneb3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Didnt know all that. Ok so MS chose to use a dead from the start format? Well just as an add on that is. It would have slowed the format war down to say the least and still be relevant if it was in the box. Only the Gods will know now.

doa7663651d ago

3 million or hundred thousand gap, doesn't matter


gigaware3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

So Microsoft and Sony report 44 million and 41 million consoles shipped and 3 days later PS3 is neck and neck? Something seems fishy with Sony, reminds me of the Move lie they got caught in. I'm guessing this confusion was designed to counter Kinect on number of levels and ways. I this is why PS3 fans keep posting this every day.

Sony reported shiped numbers just like when they clarified 1 million moves shipped.

iPad3651d ago

360: 41.7
PS3: 41.6

WTF?! When did this happen? Where was I??!?

gigaware3651d ago

Sony reports Sold? LOL

" This morning's statement from SCEI is careful to use the term "shipments" to refer to units that have left the factory floor. A New York Times report last week cites data from the Enterbrain division of Japanese research firm Famitsu Marketing as estimating only 534,336 were sold to Japanese consumers in the period between November 11 and January 7"

Sony tried to get aways with this tactic with Move figures. What Sony is doing is trying to get the industry into some sort of nostalgic PS glory day mindset. All this is to condition fanboys and distract from Kinect. Sony plays the western markets like The Art Of War.

XabiTheHumble3651d ago

You do know that that article is over 3 years old and has no relevancy to the topic right? Just sayin..

PoorMansGT3651d ago

lmao at gigaware,he wished we were still in 2006/2007,face reality bro,m 360 is heading to last place and will be there forever.

3651d ago
house3651d ago

just to make you look stupid here you go

techie3651d ago

Both companies report in exactly the same way...sold to retailers. There is no difference - except that Microsoft used to report shipped (and maybe still do) and Sony changed their reporting to sold to retailers (it's in their reports). Microsoft may have done the same now.

Gigaware is talking a whole load of monkey sh"t

PostApocalyptic3650d ago


This is what beat writers do. They take a news from Sony announcements, puts "Sony: One Million PS3s Shipped - Not Yet Sold - in Japan" in the headline and then somehow attributes Sony as the source of deceptive reporting when it was the AUTHOR that wrote the headline in such a way.

Even the 2007 article states in much more detail that in fact they were SHIPPED numbers in order to avoid confusion.

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XabiTheHumble3651d ago

:-/ You are all kinds of stupid. How they hell is Sony making statement that they shipped 1 million ps3s to japan, relevant to the fact that Sony says they don't post shipped consoles as sold anymore? ROTFL!!

mookuns3651d ago


You should really read your sources before you post them.

DigitalAnalog3651d ago

I find THIS part intersting:

When you break down the numbers, Xbox 360 has provably more performance than PS3. Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance. The truth is that both systems pack a lot of power for high definition games and entertainment.

However, hardware performance, while important, is only a third of the puzzle. Xbox 360 is a fusion of hardware, software and services. Without the software and services to power it, even the most powerful hardware becomes inconsequential. Xbox 360 games—by leveraging cutting-edge hardware, software, and services—will outperform the PlayStation 3."


-End statement

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Death24943651d ago

are claiming that sony count's units as shipped not sold.

Educate yourselves:

For those who think Microsoft has "sold" 44.6 million. It was an error posted by Major Nelson. The units sold is only 42. million.

Educate yourselves again:

vhero3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

exactly these 360 fanboys are trying to argue otherwise but they are stunned ps3 has finally caught up they were dreading this moment for years and didn't think it would come until at least 2011. Now that advantage of 360 has sold more is about to disappear. As we all know the only arguement those 360 fanboys ever use is sales and better looking multi-platform games lol. Give me more exclusives and free online gaming anyday over that thank you ta.

To those fanboys saying MS numbers are from July or whatever look at the date on Major nelsons post
Oct 29 2010, 09:00 AM
42 million consoles he says.. Enough said really..Thats sold to customers not to stores like there fiscal sheet shows.

techie3651d ago

The answer is - Microsoft's numbers are from July. Add three months to it...which must be around 1million or more (US alone).

Death3651d ago

All three companies report numbers the same way. Sold to retail is the most accurate numbers they track since they know exactly how many units are shipped from their warehouses. No retailer orders an extra couple million for storage, so it is absurd to think otherwise.

Years ago SOny reported numbers produced. They now report numbers sold to retail like everyone else.

The differance between the two consoles is irrelevant. This holiday Microsoft will have doubled their previous outings sales. Microsoft and Nintendo have both been aggressively gaining market share. Reality is Nintendo and Microsoft have tripled and doubled their sales base while Sony has recaptured less than 1/3 of theirs so far. If you want to call Sony being within a few million units of Microsoft a "win", God bless you.


frostypants3650d ago

"Microsoft and Nintendo have both been aggressively gaining market share" That is in fact the opposite of reality...unless you're living in 2007.

Death3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

If Sony has sold the same amount as Microsoft, either Microsoft is doing really well or Sony is doing really not well. Last gen Microsoft and Nintendo sold around 25 million consoles each compared to Sonys 150 million. Nintendo has sold 3 times as many so far this gen and Microsoft will be close to 2 times as many this holiday season. Sony will be close to 1/3 of the way after 4 years of sales.

If that isn't increasing market share by the competition, what is?


mint royale3650d ago

Death, theres no point, if you are not claiming that Sony will rule all then you will be disagreed, without even a credible counter argument. Its the way N4G is.

mint royale3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I'm not going to defend Vgchartz, their 360 number is 500K too high and their ps3 number 500K too low but surely someone must see that booch/rigmaster/flatulentghost etc (he has at least 6 accounts) is the same person. This guy is also someone from neogaf who was at the opposite end to 'ioi', just as much a fanboy but instead a delusion playstation one.

Also no one seems to have pointed out that this articel ihas no basis as it is using MS shipped figures from June and Sony shipped figures from Septmeber.

Also Sony did not say they were going to give sold figures in 2006. They did change the way they reported their quarterly figures though, because before they reported their 'shipped numbers (to them that was to their retailers). They announced they were moving in line with nintendo and reporting their sold figures (sold to them is retailers, as is every other company). Many peple included booch/cahill/etc etc latched onto this as sony reporting sold = sony reporting to consumers. No company would do that,in thier quarterly figures - investors only want to know about retailers as its the retailers who give them the money and it would look bad to report lower numbers than they could. Besides reporting to consumers isnt as accurate as 100% definate figures they would get from reporting their sales to retailers. That is crucial for quarterly reports as comapnies cannot estimate or lie. There is no evidence that would prove this wrong, because it is true. People who constantly claim Sony are report sold to consumer are doing them a disfavour because they are just spreading mistruths.

Additionally Booch/etc etc yes MS did overship to get to 10 million and they only had to ship less than a million the next quarter as a consequence. However do you really think the big bad MS are the only ones to ever do this? All companies have done it including the big 3 when sales aren't quite as good as they were expecting and they needed to meet their targets. To claim otherwise shows a lack of understanding of business practice. For example, all 3 companies will have overshipped for this quarter in their reports as they anticipate huge christmas demand. All 3 probably have actual consumer sales up to 2 million below what they have reported to have SOLD to retailers.

Anyway as for the PS3, well done. It is the best console this gen and deserves to be ahead of the 360. I'm pleased that Nintendo managed to turn their fortunes around because I was worried for them. Anyway the PS3 should be ahead of the 360 in sales after this christmas and its lineup for 2011 looks stellar. An amazing time to be a ps3 owner.

No MS have said they have sold 44.6 milliion to retailers. Major Nelson has given figures of estimates of sold to consumers as of Spetmeber 30 from what anyone can work out. You need to educate yourself. Have is that the one site can have so much misinformation?!

CameronL993650d ago

Firstly, the 360 was a broken console right up until this year when they re-released it. Microsoft had no idea how to fix its overheating problem, it wasn't just the first year of consoles that had this problem it was practically every single year thereafter which was costing M$oft a billion dollars a year in replacing consoles that were in warranty.
But really, its amazing how immature the games industry is - everything from gamers to the gaming press, it really shows how childish the entire games consumer industry is. Sony's initial library wasn't remarkably lackluster, it was a hell of a lot better than any starting lineup of any other console, people often forget that because they compared Sony's lineup to the 360's 2nd yr lineup, but if you actually compare the initial lineups not only to the 360, but also the original xbox, the ps1 and ps2 it was a lot stronger with Resistance and Motorstorm not behind it.
As for the immaturity of the industry, its amazing how when a company comes out with a product that is clearly superior and therefore justify a higher price, the gaming press and gamers alike cried and whined louder than any baby you've heard in a grocery store. Just because last year's model was cheaper doesn't mean this year's model is relatively similar in quality - I think everyone agrees that in so far the best ps3's were the launch ones with the extremely rich feature set. It was as if they had come up with a supercar that was cheaper than all the other super cars (blu ray players) but people kept comparing it to last year's family sedan, and complained the price was higher. The gaming press was the biggest culprit of the demonization of Sony for actually trying not to go completely bankrupt on a more advanced console - if they sold the ps3 200 bucks cheaper they wouldn't have the cash flow to sustain it and the playstation division would be bankrupt. Is that what spoiled brat gamers and gaming press people would want?

gameraxis3650d ago

i said, the day sony catches up to 360 sales is the day that they won the generation... ALL because of the year/ year and a half head start, and this is the ps3 lover in me (even tho i have both gam3g0d=gamertag) talking but EVERYONE was disregarding the year head start when comparing sales world wide, EVERYONE(and by everyone i mean all the 360 fanatics) was only considering the US as a country that sells these systems... and now my little Xbots i can gladly say, u bought a console that was rushed and is holding back gaming this gen furthermore supporting a company who would rather sell more consoles than make a better experience in GAMMING...

3 cpus = 360 isn't that far off of the ps3's 1 cpu and 8 spu's, graphics cards can be argued close ( or 360 better, i understand) BUT where MS screwed up big time was the storage device, they could have waited until the tech was there and made they're own in house 20 gig disc if they had to... but now rage is missing wastelands, we're seeing linear FF games, the list goes on, and now the ps3 even has more RAM than the 360, split or not split, Naughty dog, Santa monica, Infinity ward, insomniac, guerilla, don't seems to hinder at that, but the almost 80 additional mbs of RAM puts the ps3 above the 360 and we have a 512 vs 600 ( which is pretty significant)... but yes i bought the 360 on launch because i was impatient, loved the games then, it broke 3 months after the ps3 came out, and it wasn't until last month i bough the slim 360 for reach and hopefully gears 3... MAKE NO MISTAKE, i like the ps3 better, but play and enjoy both, but every time i look at that sexy 360 slim i think to myself, WHY couldn't they have went bigger on the storage device... so the day is here, and i can tell all the ps3 HATERS that U WERE WRONG.. also, this isn't a flame comment as much as it sounds like one, it is ONLY directed to those 360 loyalists who wouldn't admit ONE thing sony did good this gen. well That should be the end of it!

XeroTrinity3650d ago

uuuuuhnnnnohohohoahhh! How many times did I laugh at those saying PS3 had no place in the 'console war' but 3rd? MANY times! Ya, I was one of those very few who stood behind the PS3 even when every else and their damn mother made it look pretty grim...

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gypsygib3651d ago

Consumers are proving they're smart shoppers.

s0ph1atr0n3651d ago

Who wouldn't want a PS3. Sports Champions is amazing, and Killzone 3 looks crazy!

Neckbear3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I found myself owning a PS3 mainly for niche titles ad Obscure Japanese games, more than anything, but it took it some years to finally appeal to me.

I used my 360 to hell and back before- but now I find myself playing more with my PS3.

Although I simply have no interest for the games you mentioned, to the point I'd laugh wholeheartedly at your statement of " Sports Champions is amazing", and probably believe you're just being sarcastic. After all, if not, I simply would think THOSE are the lengths delusional people reach...wich is plain sad.


Tried it at my friend's house. A glorified Wii Sports Resort with some better tech, I'll admit it. Still, a glorified Wii Sports Resort.

Still, not my kind of game, and by MY book, NOT AMAZING. AT ALL.


The only thing that midly entertained me on it was the "gladiator" game, and even so, I can't possibly imagine myself using it for a beat em' up game- Waggling and waggling for hours is NOT fun, and that's something the Wii taught us.

Besides, my room is pretty small to have correctly use Move, and I would NOT like to have to place my TV on the Living room or something.

s0ph1atr0n3651d ago

Beach Volleyball is really good in that game.

badz1493651d ago

I agree that Sports Champion is in no way a reason to own a PS3 for but I can assure you that it's damn straight amazing! it shows how capable the PS3+MOVE combo is and the possibilities of the hardware in the future if used right!

8-bit3651d ago

@badz Yeah that is exactly how I view Sports Champions. It is incredibly responsive and accurate, perfect sort of tech demo of what the move can really do.

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farhsa20083651d ago

well it is only a matter of time seeing as sony has the most amazing exclusives and not charging for online play helps too

Motorola3651d ago

The free online and incredible exclusive software do play a role, as well as the great, reliable hardware. A HDD up to 750 GB maybe even a TB is an amazing feat

units3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

44 not 41.7 million


that source says sold in 35 countries