An Intricate Look into the Hardware of the PS3

This is a fantastic read, and the person who wrote it obviously spent a tremendous amount of time researching technical aspects of the system.

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LiquifiedArt5039d ago

This is a great article everyone, and an exceptionally well written one.

~Good News for PS3~

LiquifiedArt5039d ago

I Submitted this article in the PS3 SECTION ONLY.. so keep a note when you read the future comments on where people are coming from! :)

Shadow Flare5039d ago

this article is one of the best ive read, and a prime example of a 360 fanboys nightmare

This article is so well written; it lays the whole debate of ps3 hardware out on the table. This article is great reading for ps3 fans

but best of all, you'd be hard pressed to say this article is full of lies, cos its the most truthful and factual article ive read

so 360 fanboys, bring your excuses. Say its biased, or bs, or whatever. It doesnt matter....

....cos the article's true

andthensum5037d ago

Absolutely amazing. Ps3 is undeniably the cure for my next-gen munchies.

blackmagic5037d ago (Edited 5037d ago )

Example of positive bias:
Chevrolet Camaro
-fast 0-60mph times
-sexy styling
-large displacement V8
-easy and cheap to maintain

Example of negative bias:
Chevrolet Camaro
-long braking distances and corners poorly
-cheap interior
-poor gas milage
-low build quality

Example of neutral bias:
Chevrolet Camaro
-fast 0-60mph times but long braking distances and corners poorly
-sexy styling but cheap interior
-large displacement V8 but poor gas milage
-easy and cheap to maintain but low build quality

This article:
Chevrolet Camaro
-fast 0-60mph times
-sexy styling
-large displacement V8
-easy and cheap to maintain

Ford Mustang
-long braking distances and corners poorly
-cheap interior
-poor gas milage
-low build quality

Camaro=ps3, Ford=360, writer=biased

LiquifiedArt5037d ago

So basically what your saying is the PS3 is superior all around since the xbox360 is a Ford??

Well yea, i'd have to agree [email protected]#!

blackmagic5037d ago

I chose the camaro/mustang because they are historic rivals that were on relatively equal footing. Okay, okay, I'll spell it out for you, I wasn't making a literal comparison, it's an analogy. Now read it again and see if you can find the hidden meaning.

Besides, I don't think you want to make a literal comparison since the mustang is one of Ford's best selling vehicles while the camaro was taken out of production several years ago due to lack of interest.

And for the record, notice my use of the word 'equal'. It's almost like I don't think one console is better than the other... weird.

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GamerX25039d ago

Good News for PS3 on a ps3 forums site..

LiquifiedArt5039d ago

then comment....Theres alot of information in there, for anyone that cares about the technical side of the systems.

joemutt5039d ago

Does it down grade it back to a PS2?? or all the way back to the PS1??

Just curious as to how bad it bottlenecks.

BIadestarX5039d ago

Is this guy bias?
“I’ve gotten a little sick of PS3’s hardware being misunderstood and incorrectly compared to other consoles/PCs out there.”

He is not even done with college, “I am no John Carmack. I am 20 years old, and in college for Computer Science.” And after writing some comments about how he thinks the PS3 it’s more powerful than the 360 he adds, “The above statement is under strict review and is likely invalid. Further discussion will ensue related to this topic in this thread. A revision change may be made later.”

And for the enjoyment of Sony fanboys he writes the obvious and the most predictable statements (coming from a Sony Fanboy), “Microsoft has nice tools to help developers get the most out of Xbox360, which is a noble and needed effort for developing better games. But in the end, Xbox360 has a lower roof than the Playstatation 3, and over time the lead will show and be undeniable. Taste in games is purely subjective so I won’t say Playstation 3 will have better games as a whole, but they will be technically superior over time.”

There I saved you having to read for 3 hours.

D R Fz5039d ago

This guy did his research and i actually looked into some of the points he brought up and found them to be valid. I myself like to do research, especially when i do it to prove the legality of the research of others, and in the end, it turns out that this guy knows what he is talking about. Once again, the ps3 is the best way to go for many reasons and this read only adds on to the list. I really recommend this to others. Although quite extensive, it is worth checking out.

OhEmetophobia5039d ago (Edited 5039d ago )

Why can't you understand that this dood did a ton of research on the subject and is just stating the facts. He never said this article was a comparison of the systems, he was stating what he found in all he has read. It doesnt' matter how old he is or if he's out of college yet. Some parts could be considered biased but honestly it was an article about the PS3 to begin with. He's not going to write that huge of an article to at the end say it's going to suck.