BattleStrats Vanquish Review

Vanquish is about a grumpy nicotine-addict in a SuperSuit blasting the crap out of Soviet robots. While that may be putting it a little to simply, story isn't much of a concern to the developers of this title as you will see within the first few cutscenes. What is of a premium is cigarette smoking. There isn't one cutscene without the hero Sam Gideon lighting up a cancer stick while dodging enemy robots.

This title is all about the gameplay. Risky it may be to put the hopes of your game on how it plays alone, Vanquish really hit a home run.

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yarbie10003651d ago

sounds like my kind of game

xxxAnubisxxx3651d ago

Eh... not my type of game. Nice review though

xxxAnubisxxx3651d ago

Really? I've heard some negative and positive things about it

AKissFromDaddy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

You should stop listening/reading about this game and start playing it.

JLesinski3651d ago

My room mate bought this and has been playing it recently. From what I have seen the concept looks interesting but it doesnt look like a finished product.

DTMBSquid3651d ago

Maybe after it goes down in price