Farmville maker now worth more than EA Games

The makers of Farmville, the popular online social game now have an estimated worth that surpasses industry heavyweight EA Games, who have been in the business for decades. |

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jack_burt0n3651d ago


roll on 2012 >_<

Neckbear3651d ago

...As old books predicted, we shall see the death of gaming in our hands- until the "casual" market becomes oversaturated, and hardcore games begin to appear again, in the sight of all people- young and old, those people who will also embrace our dear gaming with open arms.

After that- gaming is reborn anew, and a new cycle of beautiful hard-as-hell and fun-as-fuck games appear in front of us, so just for the cycle -wich consists of markets crashing and saviours coming- that takes place in a few decades begins again.

...Or so I hope.

vickers5003651d ago

Agreed, except for the hard-as-hell thing. One thing I don't miss about the old days is lack of checkpoints and losing everything, just to have to get it again. Others think that's fun because it's challenging, I think it's just frustrating.

jack_burt0n3651d ago

Just remember what ol' Jack Burton does when the internet quakes, and the iphone games fall from the sky, and the pillars of gaming goodness shake.

Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big ol' storm right square in the eye and he says, "Give me your best shovelware, pal. I can take it."

Spydiggity3651d ago

but at least they make GAMES!

wtf is farmville but a reminder that people's lives must be very very very pathetic.

DirtyLary3651d ago

Trolling farmville discussions. Now I've seen it all.

Spydiggity3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

you're the only disagree i've received for both my comments here...i don't think expressing a valid opinion that seems to go along with the perspective of everyone here but you can be classified as "trolling".

i will say that personal attacks because of a difference of opinion is pretty damn immature, however. i don't think immaturity counts as trolling, but trolling isn't the only frowned upon lack of etiquette on web forums.

visualb3651d ago

which EA did to...but not half as much

the problem / success with farmville is that its perceivably free, whereas all EA games aren't.

i hate what farmville is and stands for, and the owners have blatantly admitted they do everything they can to trick their users into paying as much money as possible over time

scum...and its all because of stupid bored facebook addicts...

AceofStaves3651d ago

Considering that some console gamers pay money for DLC for games they already purchase for about $60 a pop, console gamers have no room to bitch about social gamers.

FarmVille is free to play. Players can choose to purchase premium decorations and animals for their farms, but they don't have to. You can enjoy the game without paying a single cent, if you choose to.

Calling FarmVille players "stupid, bored Facebook addicts" is a bit much, just because some people like to play games you don't.

radphil3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

"Calling FarmVille players "stupid, bored Facebook addicts" is a bit much, just because some people like to play games you don't."

Except that the CEO ADMITTED TO SCAMMING. All on video. How are you going to sit there and defend that? It's not about social gaming. Hell people here have been to terms with it for a long time. It's when people scam casual users in to accepting low level crap and getting away with it, so it encourages others to do just the same.

visualb3651d ago

but people "enjoy" farmville because the owners HIRED A BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGIST to CREATE AN ADDICTIVE EXPERIENCE.

thats right

farmville was generated in ESSENCE to be addictive, and uses a pyramid style scam effect, in which it CONSTANTLY presents new sales, and abilities to share the game with "friend" / a.k.a SPAM SPAM SPAM

farmville is a cancer in every sense of the word (business, facebook, gaming, social networking, you name it)

but I see your argument, You play it too, thus defend it. its ok, doesn't change the fact that is IS created primarily as a BUSINESS SCAM


DirtyLary3651d ago

Believe it. We make near 6k month extra on selling Mafia Wars loot. These games are as addictive as Wacraft but cater to a larger audience since you can play at your own pace.

Spydiggity3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

and they require no skill or intelligence.

...just a credit card

DirtyLary3651d ago

Hence the larger audience. But at least the MW players don't sit in front of their pcs for 6-8 hr sessions nightly.

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