Iwata: Nintendo to "intensify" measures against piracy

Nintendo Universe writes:

Nintendo CEO and President, Satoru Iwata, has explained to investors during a recent financial results presentation that the company is to “intensify” its approach in regards to neutralising the threat of piracy.

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avengers19783647d ago

They should you can basically buy a Wii and have every game for it for free. My old neighbor bought a Wii strickly because he new how easy it was to hack, and how many games he could get for basically nothing.

Seedhouse3647d ago

It's sad how many people pirate games, and couldn't care less about the overall consequences of their actions :(

Malice-Flare3647d ago

these people now think that since it's just a bunch of '1's and '0's, they think it should be worth nothing...

and these few people, will make things worse for the rest of us...