'World's First' DIY X-Clamp Fix Kit for Xbox 360 released to fix Red Ring of Death

This is the world's first Do-it-yourself commercial X-Clamp-Fix Kit available. With this Kit you're able to fix the 3 Red-Ring-of-Death Issue on XBOX 360 permanently. The Idea came from some Hackers in the Console Scene and is enhanced to perfect by a german Engineer. All the Content in this special Kit is made in Germany and included parts that are NOT available at local Hardware Stores!

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heroman7114070d ago

maybe we are getting somewhere now

ALMIGHTYPS34070d ago

F*n hillarious!!Now you botboys can fix it yourself!!All you have to do order the kit online for 19.99+tax at and your good to go!Coooool!!Poor poor xbots.haaaaaaaaaaa!

DrRage774070d ago

okay, so instead of getting your console repaired FREE for 3 years, you are taking a chance by a DO-IT-YOURSELF fix??? the instructions tell you to wedge a scredriver between the x-clamp and motherboard to loosen the x-clamp!! so if you manage not to put a scratch and possibly damage your motherboard or other component on the motherboard, you are then asked to use pliers to "gently" pull the rest of the x-clamp off the motherboard...yeah, so far this sounds like a great idea..........and to top it all off, they say microsofts fix is "temporary" with the new heatsinks and the red ring of death could come back in the future, yet this fix is "proven" because they have had working 360's for 2 months????? yeah, once again, great idea....let me void my warranty by popping open my 360, then jam a screwdriver to pop something off, then "gently" use pliers to yank off the rest......please sign me up!!!! lol oh brother

WafflesID4070d ago

this is for those who ALREADY voided their warranty with other case mods.

Besides, the x-clamp mod HAS actually fixed quite a few broken xboxes. But if you already have the new heatsink then you have nothing to worry about.

DrRage774070d ago

i'm sure it has fixed a few. but they do one odd thing at the end of this "fix-it" remedy that others have been doing to fix their 360's WITHOUT voiding their warranties by cracking open their's called the towel fix. this article also tells you to bake your 360 to get the exact same thing to happen that you do with the towel trick, overheat your 360 to melt the gpu solder back into place.....and again, they have "proven" this as a fix from 2 months of experience doing this....sure sounds like a proven "permanent" fix to me.......

WafflesID4070d ago

You make the mistake of assuming they are all the same issue.

Microsoft has said it themselves there are a number of issues that can cause the RROD.

The clamp/new heatsink fixes something completely different than the soldering issue. Both result in a RROD.

The fact that you need this at all is a bit ridiculous. But MS did something about it, so whatever.

Quisp4070d ago

Finer than our Gerrrman knives?

WafflesID4070d ago


freakin hilarious

razer4070d ago

They actaully are claiming that they have a customer who had the new heatsync and still got the 3ROD. I don't think so. And what this kit offers that "can't be found at a hardware store" is a load of crap.. I've fixed 2 360's with 4 bux in parts and they have been working for 4 months now.

These people will say anything to get you to buy their product.

crck4070d ago

$15 for 4 screws and 8 washers.

dachiefsman4070d ago

now only if they would throw in some beer!!!!

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