Exclusive: Kinect Adventures Demonstration

Enjoy a quick demonstration of Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360.

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Omega43651d ago

Looks like all new videos of Kinect are working flawlessly, can't wait till the 10th.

gamingdroid3651d ago

Kinect is looking pretty good and very responsive too!

Only a few more days....

AAACE53651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )


Looks good! Also that new vid on XBL makes other games coming out for Kinect look more interesting!

I found this vid on youtube that should raise the interest in Kinect up considerably, however, it is not the one that released on XBL! When this commercial hits, people will probably get excited for it!

Game13a13y3651d ago

well, my friend, i don't want to troll, but let me ask you this, how does this game play any different with just a regular controller instead of using Kinect? its just right, left, up, down, thats it.

ct033651d ago

There's a significant difference: playing this game with a regular controller would be boring as hell. The fun comes from getting involved and physically jumping etc.

aviator1893651d ago

It's gesture-based. I'd say that's pretty different from using a controller and sitting down on your ass all day long.

Game13a13y3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

i was looking for alittle sth more in-depth for the control, like acceleration, control of view angle, power-ups, etc etc... it seems to me the Kinect thing has made the gameplay even less exciting and made the game more simple in a boring way. i think people will get tired of this game after 5 minutes. if this is how their launch titles are like, things definitely don't look good.

Edit: but then again, i can see you guys will say give it some time, blah blah...

Sitris3651d ago

The kinect games are all either, really simple, or on rails ( see the Harry potter demo). But the thing is, that is what MS wants for kinect, they want super simple and open for the general public. Not power ups and acceleration. The soccer mums couldn't give a crap about difficulty, they just want fun. And fun is what kinect seems to deliver in spades.

GamingGamer3651d ago

i am not really trying to say anything bad about Kinect but....

there are so many videos of kinect malfunctioning.
so how does this one video prove anything?? especially it is so hard to see what is going on the screen.

Jaces3651d ago

Yea, Harry Potter seemed like a blast...I mean other than the fact the it was near impossible to hit any enemy with a spell, it looked like tons of fun.


8-bit3651d ago

To be honest, the guy in the video seemed like he has played this game one too many times. He is pro at it and at making it look responsive. You have to react before obsticles so that your character does after the lag.

Moentjers3651d ago

a lot of 5 day fun and garbage games coming in on both consoles

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B-Real2063651d ago

Moving left and right seem on point. Jumping still seems to lag a bit but if you just adjust for that and jump early you'll be alright. Looks alright though.

Trizard3651d ago

Now look like an idiot (i.e. waiving your hands and moving side to side) while playing video games.

However, still looks quite amusing and fun.

SeNiLe9113651d ago

you would be testing it out in the same way. Maybe not waving your hand about or with a camera on but people want to see what Kinect can do...

Arnon3651d ago

The fact that they announced a new Panzer Dragoon and Steel Battalion is enough for me to purchase this at some point.

It also makes me happy that they're not alienating the controller, as the new Steel Battalion will use both Kinect and the Xbox 360 controller.

BYE3651d ago

Ok so now we moved up from something boring that doesn't even work to something boring that does actually work.

Black-Helghast3651d ago

I thought Omega4 was the biggest ps3 troll ever...Guess people here lied. >:O

How come xbox users are excited about this game? If i was an xbox player i would be thinking on what game will entertain me before Gears 3 comes out... =\

DelbertGrady3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

"If i was an xbox player"

If you're not then why are you in here in the first place? I'm currently enjoying Fable 3, Halo Reach and Super Meat Boy. What games will you get to play this holiday?

Obama3651d ago

can any core gamers say they are interested in this game really?

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Dark3603651d ago

Agree with you...But remember trolls incoming in the negative comments begins...

EasilyTheBest3651d ago

....with this.

It seems to play great.

Oh and its a casual FUN game.

Oh and Microsoft didnt allow sound for this video so theres something they must be hiding! lol

Neckbear3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

THAT is what I find wrong with it.


Exactly, we're all different. I, personally, hate casual games. With passion.

EasilyTheBest3651d ago

Mums young children and older adults etc, all find that theres alot wrong with Hardcore games, they dont like them.
I like both. See we are all different.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

You hate casual games with passion yet you play Rock Band and flash games?

Neckbear3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I actually do NOT own a copy of RockBand nor I plan on doing so (but have tried it alot of times, liking the higher difficulties and the score-hunting), and I play Flash Games on Newgrounds once in a while to see our oh-so-dear gaming community creativity (wich, sometimes, turns out to be great actually, but sometimes it's...awful).

I barely have played "casual games", though, and they're not of my preference- I do hate them and what they consist on (hurr durr MUM LOOK AT ME IM JUMPAN XDXD), and usually (hell, more like ALWAYS) pick up games you could consider "Hardcore".

Truth me told, the only "casual" game I own is the one that came with my Wii- Wii Sports. And even then, the disc is completly scratched by serving my dog as a great form of fun and entertainment, something I could simply NOT find in said game.

Also, should I take your statement seriously when your name has a "360" slapped on it, and basically means "hurr look at meh i f4nb01z lol"?

uNDIsBUted3651d ago

We aren't friends, why should you
worry what we xbox gamers want?
Why does kinect affect you so much?
You're with Sony right? You're
happy with Sony right? Why are you
then spending so much of your time
in a kinect article? Wii came along
and look, Sony is still standing and
pleasing you right? Why then are
you afraid of what kinect can do?
Please answer me that. I beg you

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dtrain213651d ago

Works fantastic.

Can we get a positive Kinect article without the PS3 fanboys...or is that impossible.

Aww screw it....Get Ready, Set, FIGHT ! !

acedoh3651d ago

Please tell me what looks like so much fun??? I just want some honesty here. Nothing more and nothing less. I have played hundreds of games in my life. Many crappy games and many great games. This game just looks very simple and boring. Kind of like taking an Atari game and putting it into this generation with motion control. Left, Right, and jump. Very simple movements.

THE MAX SPEED 213651d ago

this is working quite well. cant wait to try out Core games next year though like Draco and the thing in the circus.

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