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Cryteks Kingdoms On 360, Technology To Surpass Kratos And Drake. Will It Happen? HHGS 10/31/10

1. Metal Gear 5 Tech At GDC 2011
2. God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Interview
3. Medal Of Honor Review: 8.5/10
4. Agent: The Game That Will Redefine PS3's Power
5. HipHopRss - Featuring Ed Lover of Power 105 and Luciano Da Joker

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Community3681d ago
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Hades13373681d ago

If it looks as good as Crysis 2 on the 360 I will be more than happy.

Mystogan3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It's Crytek we are talking about it will look incomparable to anything we have seen today.

it will look good

Game-ur3681d ago

I think it would be more like an action oriented open world game, kind of like the elder scrolls with lighter RPG elements and better graphics.

It least that’s what I wish.

FlatulentGhost3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Crytek isn't going to magically make the Xbox 360 graphics hardware as capable as the massively more powerful PS3.


"Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 wasn't impressive as Uncharted 2, GOW or Killzone was. Hell, I even thought Gears looked better. "


Developers still can't even come up with an Xbox 360 game that comes close to the first Uncharted on the PS3:


Uncharted makes actual(non-bullshot) Xbox 360 Unreal Engine graphics look like a last gen game in comparison.

SWORDF1SH3681d ago

Because HHG is using flamebait headlines it doesn't mean that that you have to rise to it and act like fanboys.

Think about it. Its just a game console.

Why get so angry and protective over a lump of plastic and circuit boards?

Maybe you'll mature and grow up some day

WetN00dle693681d ago

lol,fanboys make me laugh sometimes.
No doubt its a great system and i love it BUT to call it MASSIVELY MORE POWERFUL is stretching the truth a bit. PS3's Peek performance wise is a tad bit more powerful than the 360. What kills the 360 is not the systems hardware BUT the optical disk it uses. NOW if only MS would stop being the proud B***HES that they are and add blu-ray to the system,id be happy.

AAACE53681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

HHG really knows how to piss people off here doesn't he!

Gotta give him credit! The title alone should make this a hot topic.

Take advantage of them man... they like it like that!

Anyway, can't wait to see more on Kingdoms!

EDIT: @Sarcasm...

Something i've always wondered... If Ps3 games use all 25-50 Gb's of the Bluray disc, why are the demo's about the same size as 360 demos and about the same length?

Sarcasm3681d ago

How many times have we heard about these so-called 360 exclusive games surpassing the PS3? There's STILL nothing on the 360 to date that comes close to even Wipeout HD, GoW3, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 etc. etc. etc.

N4WAH3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Considering how many times we read this same headline (</insert title here>) and it has yet to happen? I wont be holding my breath for Kingdoms to be the first.

3681d ago
Masamori Sumimura3681d ago

Man who cares if it looks better or not? only fanboys take part of those stupid debates. As long I have a new Game to play on xbox360 I'm happy. If it looks as good as Gears of 3 I'll be even happier. Apart from that....

Masamori Sumimura3681d ago

Kinectimals? I dont really care About that there's many new Wii Games coming out in the following months I could get my hands on like The Last Story and Alot of new DS games. Whoever created this ''you like xbox means you only own a xbox'' theory is retarded.

Death24943681d ago

Even believe that cause he's one of ps3 biggest fanboys but he also needs to get hits so blame, there you go. Crysis2 looks good. Once again Microsoft threw a ton a money at a 3rd party developer to make an exclusive game. Sigh, too bad they can't invest that kind of money into a first party studio to really bring out the potential of the 360.

Armyntt3681d ago

Get off of UC's tip, 1 and 2. They r good no doubt but say what u want they arent the end all. Ive said before on here, ive shown my wife and her sister UC2 and Geow 2. They both said Gewo2 looks better. Do they or I care how much stuff is goin on in the background? Am i knockin UC2, no. Just that of the opinions in my home UC2 is not teh greatest ever made.

Active Reload3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Flatulentghost, I can only imagine the retards that agreed with you, lol.

This looks last gen to you?

You're right Maxspeed, they enjoy competing in a certain type of Olympics that I find rather emberassing, lol.

BattleAxe3681d ago

Far Cry 2 was the first FPS that I played that had "slide to cover".

THE MAX SPEED 213681d ago

Great video but debating back and forth with these fanboys wont take us nowhere.

CivAddict3681d ago

Active Reload,

Are serious? It's the same damn outdated Unreal Engine.

* Massive overuse of normal maps to cover up the low poly counts.

* Primitive animation quality

* Primitive and static lighting

* Primitive particles/effects

Active Reload3681d ago

You know absolutely nothing about game engines, so shut up, lol.

raztad3681d ago

What system is more powerful or whether PS3/X360 are roughly the same performance is up to debate. Nobody can argue tho the PS3, so far, is the one with the best looking and technically more impressive games. Will the X360 catch up? lets see next year.

However, if I had to bet for something, I would take LucasArt recent effort to provide a custom AA solution in SW:FU2 (DLAA) as a reference. They said DLAA take 1.6ms on 5SPUs and 2.2 on XBOX GPU. That is roughly 38% difference. So I would say PS3 is roughly 40% more powerful than the XBOX360.

AAACE53681d ago

The balance of power...

Last gen, the Ps2 was the weakest console with a 300 MHz processor. Gamecube had 405 MHz processor. Xbox had 733 MHz processor.


1st place Ps2 - 140 million units
2nd place Xbox - 24 million units
3rd place Gamecube - 22 million units

This gen, Wii is weakest. 360 is next. And Ps3 is the most powerful!

Current results...

1st place Wii
2nd place Xbox 360
3rd place Ps3

I don't know about you, but it seems like the more powerful a console is, the worse it sells! In other words, power doesn't mean sh*t if consumers aren't willing to buy into it!

Vicodin3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

"What system is more powerful or whether PS3/X360 are roughly the same performance is up to debate."

There is no debate. We have five years worth of real world data to look at. The PS3 completely and utterly dominates the much weaker Xbox 360 hardware in every single graphical category:

> Resolution
> Poly counts
> Animation
> Lighting
> Frame buffer effects/filters
> World size/complexity
> Materials

Every single possible graphical category PS3 games have no equal on the Xbox 360. There is nothing to debate or argue about.

The PS3 has destroyed the Xbox 360 graphically this gen.


Huh? The PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 every single year since it has been on the market. And it is just 500k consoles away from dumping the Xbox 360 into last place in worldwide sales.

TekoIie3681d ago

It can look like real life but it needs to be a good game. Technology means nothing unless the game lives up to be more than just a graphics whore...

HolyOrangeCows3681d ago

Crysis 2 on 360 = 720p, none or limited AA, screen tearing out the wazoo.
(At least in its current state - and I doubt that we'll see a major upgrade when it goes gold)

Crytech has a LOOOOOOOONG way to go if they plan to do such a thing as take on the likes of GOW and Uncharted in good use of console strengths....and strengths that the 360 arguably doesn't have over the PS3.

frostypants3681d ago

Crytek has zero history with consoles so far, as nothing's been released yet. What they did on PCs has no bearing on anything.

frostypants3681d ago

Just want to point something out, even though your rankings are accurate: clock-speed is not a true indicator of relative CPU performance when comparing different architectures. A 2GHz processor could be ten times faster than a 4GHz processor, if the former were a more advanced design.

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ipwnall3681d ago

Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 wasn't impressive as Uncharted 2, GOW or Killzone was. Hell, I even thought Gears looked better.

I've seen it, at Gamescon. The PC version looked beautiful though...

Perhaps it'll improve the visual bar on the 360 but that isn't saying much when you're looking at the competition. By the time Kingdoms hits the PS3, we'll be seeing even bigger visual advancements.

And lol, HHG.

baodeus3681d ago

@booch, sarcasm, ipwnall, especially FlatulentGhost

It seems you guys know every technical aspects of x360 and PS3 inside and out (based on your claim). So could you explain the differences between those two consoles, and i don't mean just listing the specs. Can you give examples of each and how developers utilize those techs in their game (this include the type of engine they are using, type of AA, lighting, texture, motion blur, particles, etc.. and why those are more physically demanding on the PS3, which x360 wouldn't never be able to do)? You guys should be able to describe the inferior techs used on 360 games as well (how can we compare something, when we just talk about one system correct?)

Since you guys are the technical expert on the matter (based on your claim), I hope you guys can enlighten me on that subject. In doing so, you could help me understand why PS3 is vastly more technical superior to the x360.

I also have a few questions, technical questions if you guys don't mind.

What tech is more taxing on the console (you can only determine the limit of a console through stress test right?):

1. HDR lighting vs deferred lighting?
2. True AA (4xMSAA) vs MLAA?
3. 10,000 really detailed AI (w/ multiplayer) or 1 million decent looking AI (in a single player campaign) rendered at once vs. 256 multiplayer online?

Other questions:
Does displaying game in 1080p or 720p matter compare to sub HD? for example, both x360 and ps3 can play old game (snes, nes, etc...) at 1080P, so does that mean it looks better than 720P? So how does resolution play a major part in the technical aspect of the system?

Since i only see that you guys listing the games, but never explain in detail why those games are technical marvel proving that the Ps3 is vastly superior to x360, making x360 last gen. I want to learn, so please help me out.

ipwnall3681d ago

Baodeus, you can use the technical stuff, I'll stick to my examples.

Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain all look better than anything the Xbox 360 has to offer. Your basis on what each can run and how well it runs does not matter until a product is made to show it off.

Thankfully, graphics aren't everything, so I get the best of both worlds.

RBlaze3681d ago

...You're gonna get lots of disagrees for that!! But you're right!

So many people on here (well, only the fanboys) chuck about nonsense claiming to know which console is better, exact sale stats, which games are better!! Fact is that all those fanboys just have LOUD opinions... But they seem to feel that their opinions are fact.

It has been proven time and time AND TIME again that the 360 and PS3 both carry different advantages under the hood... Similarly with disadvantages...
It is also true that a lot of the stats we hear about sales are false! It'd be near impossible to track sales exactly, so you can only take general estimates!
And the game arguments are ridiculous! As soon as one console seems to be releasing a game that is good, the opposing camp throws out a list of other games?!

Fanboys... IT IS ALL OPINION BASED WRT GAMES/ CONSOLES!! I didn't enjoy using the Wii.. but that doesn't make it bad! It means that I don't like it! Similarly with the Sims! A game doesn't sell that well because it is a bad game! It just so happens that I don't enjoy it...

Please... PLEASE understand that there is a huge difference between your opinion and fact!

I hope the new Crytek game is great! My worry is that the company is turning into one that can rely on the name it holds... I hope they prove what they can do with this title. We know they can create stunning games.. I want to see them produce something outstanding to play, not just to look at!

raztad3681d ago

1. HDR lighting vs deferred lighting?
2. True AA (4xMSAA) vs MLAA?
3. 10,000 really detailed AI (w/ multiplayer) or 1 million decent looking AI (in a single player campaign) rendered at once vs. 256 multiplayer online?

I'm not an expert so I cant tell wheter HDR is more demanding than deferred, however I cant shake the feeling you are suggesting, in your vs list, the xbox does HDR while the PS3 only deferred, and so on. Is that true?

If that is what you really think, you probably would like to read this link:

HDR is not an exclusive XBOX feature. Neither is 4xMSAA. GT5 has it. It is not very common though. Regarding MLAA I only can say XBOX is not capable of running it.

baodeus3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )


So where are your examples? You just repeat the same thing and that is your example? What? So technically speaking, you don't know anything and your claim is based entirely on your personnel opinion correct?

How can you claim the technical superiority of something, but you don't know any technical aspect of which you claim? Is this how fanboy logic works (or rather lack of logic)?

Do you guys ever take any argument/logic/debate courses in college? The rule of thumb is that you gotta know your shitz first (or at least search up on information) before making a STATEMENT. If you don't know it, then don't say it. It just that simple man, not a hard concept to grasp.

How about i just make it easier for you guys. What type of engine and lighting do developers used for UC2, KZ, GoW? Just list them, i don't even care if you know anything about it or not. Go and look up for answer on Google or something.

X360 is not the only one that can do HDR,4xMSAA, etc.. PS3 can as well. It is just to show that x360 is also very capable of handling techs that are heavily taxing on the consoles and does it well.

Isn't the current developed MLAA tech optimized on the cell of PS3, so how can x360 ran it without the cell? They didn't say anything about x360 can't handle MLAA if a different tech is developed for it.

Each consoles has it own up and down (both can't really run full HD games with high frame rate, AA, HDR lighting, texture, physics, etc...without getting hit in some areas).

How the games looks or played really depends on the developers to optimized their coding (you know, there are million ways to code and can be improved overtime.)

But i respect you Raztaz, at least you show some effort in finding something to back up your claim and you also didn't claim anything that you don't know. Good job.

Don't worry about that, i practically dont' give a shitz about disagree (man, i swear they have certain glitch or something on N4G, because i know i click agree but somehow it end up disagreeing occasionally.) But i do appreciate good debate with at least some sort of evidences man. This passing of personnal opinion as the truth is spreading like a plague and killing this site man.

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zeddy3681d ago

i'll believe it when i see it.

N4WAH3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It's not going to happen

avengers19783681d ago

Well as it stands the 360 isn't going to make something better than Uncharted, but it doesn't mean that they can't make a damn nice looking game. But calling out Drake when the 360 hasn't even come close is a little upsurd.

PS360fanboy3681d ago

It's Crytek so let's hope it does!

King-Leonidas3681d ago

hahahahaha. Let's hope it does right?


You don't have a wife and you don't have a sister. Typical lies of N4G citizens that own an EGGSBAWKS.

xAlmostPro3681d ago

i dont think it will, and if it looks as good visually its gonna either be a very short game or on multiple discs with a hard drive install :/

Bathyj3681d ago

I dont listen to Hip Hop's show and I'm not about to start now.

I'll simply say that every game thats claimed it will beat either Uncharted, God of War or Killzone in the graphics department has had one thing in common.

They've all failed.

Nihilism3681d ago

There's gonna be lots of QQ when Crysis 2 launches and it is one of the best looking games out.

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 3681d ago
Pedantic913681d ago

But who cares how good it looks, as long as it's fun to play.

Shanks3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Do you even know what vapourware means?

uNDIsBUted3681d ago

Software which at best is still in
development, and at worst is no
more than an interesting concept
in the mind of someone at the
vendor organisation. Vapourware
is sometimes announced with
great fanfare as a spoiling tactic to
hurt sales of a competitors already
launched product(see gt5)

Shanks3681d ago

You sound mad.
I bet those recent sales figures hurt like a muthafaka.

PeeWizzle3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Uh Shanks, you're the one who sounds mad to me. Agent does seem to be vaporware considering what has been shown for it (nothing). You got your panties in a lunch box just cause someone mentioned a "PS3 exclusive" in a somewhat negative light.

nickjkl3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

lets see here

1)theres alot of soft ware still in development
2)thats a guess we dont know anything im guessing uncharted 3 is vaperware as well right,how about resistance 3 halo 4
3)i dont see how agent was announced to hurt sales of another game

so each one of those points to prove that a game is vaoprware has just been disproven

ohhhh i see Quality

so games that have been in development for 3 years are automatically considered vaporware

PeeWizzle3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Nick, you don't understand what vaporware means. In my book, when a game has been in the public eye for more than three years and we don't know jack about it, it becomes vaporware. For Resistance 3 we had screens and information within days of it being announced, definitely not the case for Agent.

They showed plenty of GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption. Why no Agent? Quit being stupid on purpose, Nick. You know that isn't what I said.

Sarcasm3681d ago

How could Agent be considered Vaporware? It's Rockstar we're talking about. They take their time to make the game and once information is ready to be revealed, they'll reveal it.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 3681d ago
soundslike3681d ago

When has rockstar announced something and never released it? Maybe they don't want to give ideas to competitors before its release

Jazz41083681d ago

The way I see it and I could care less since this has no bearing on me and I own both consoles is this. The ps3 has about 4 hames that are all first party that look great and better then the360. The 360 has the 98% of the rest of the multi games that seem to review and play better on them. So to me its not close as I enjoy games not graphics.

Hellsvacancy3681d ago

"Cryteks Kingdoms On 360, Technology To Surpass Kratos And Drake" LOL, simple answer = NO WAY

Gotta love HipHopGamer, always knows how 2 make an arse of himself

Death24943681d ago

Crysis2 doesn't look better than Killzone3, to me.


Indeed, but you are refering to console version right? Because PC Version is in another level.

Let's wait to see the PS3 Version of Crysis 2. Perhaps they are developing with the best of the Cell.

DigitalAnalog3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

According to Crytek, the engine on the PS3 is a tad bit more stable, other than that, I do not expect to see any special "performance increase". That makes as much sense as SWTFU:II utilizing the best of the Cell using DLAA.

End statement