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Game Blend "There’s nothing Guerrilla could do to improve the feel of the PS3 controller for a shooter, so instead they just make the game feel amazing. The screen always displays “Alpha Code,” so when you hit a glitch you remember this is an early build. But I think the guys at Guerrilla have a different definition of Alpha than I do, because KZ3 runs like most finished games with a few framerate issues and glitches."

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N311V3651d ago

Warzone is so good I can't play shooters that don't have this dynamic game mode anymore.

aviator1893651d ago

I've been playing the beta for a while now and it easily surpasses Killzone 2 in every freaking way. Though the engineering class is a bit overpowered. Anyways, I can't get enough of it.

Fresh_N_New3651d ago

You guys are very lucky to be in the beta. Man the things i'd do to have a go at the beta.

blumatt3651d ago

...for PlayStation Plus just so I could download the KZ3 theme and have a chance to get in the beta even though it's probably too late. PS Plus is actually a good value because you get alot of free games with it and tons of discounts. Also, I didn't realize how many full game trials there are. There's one for Red Faction, InFamous, Warhawk, etc. Basically you download the entire game and can play it for 60 minutes as a trial and are then able to purchase it and keep it if you like. It's definitely a new take on the idea of a "demo". It's a demo without limitations and the ability to unlock the full game and keep should you choose.

raztad3651d ago

I signed up for PS+ as soon I knew KZ3 was to have a beta for a restricted set of PS+ users. I signed up for a chance to get into the beta. Luckily it worked out well.

If kz3 beta doesnt open up and more people get access, you still can look forward to MotorStorm:A beta.

blumatt3651d ago

Yeah, even if I don't get into the KZ3 beta, I know there are plenty more to get into and plenty more things to get from PS+. It's more of an investment than buying Live, since you're actually GIVEN free games/themes/etc. for being a PS+ subscriber.

NecrumSlavery3651d ago

Being a Plus member has gotten me LBP, KZ3, and AC Brotherhood and Hulu Plus Betas. I say it has been a great value within just the first few months.

Here's hoping for the MS:Apoc Beta. That looks insane.

DirtyLary3651d ago

Gotta love paid betas. You are playing right into their hands.

1st outrageous dlc now paid betas. Stop being lemmings and say no with your checkbooks.

raztad3650d ago


I'm not worried a bit about your moral dilemmas. I pay for what I think is worth my money. KZ3 beta is more than worth.

PS: Hope you dont use Live.

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jjohan353651d ago

I notice that the tactician class can spot every single opponent on the map. Does it feel overpowered? I honestly don't know because I don't have KZ3 access (wish I did).

dead_eye3651d ago

It only spots payers for about 15 seconds. It does give your team a big help. In killzone 2 the spot and mark was used by the sniper and stayed on till the targets died.

I think it works loads better this way even if I do miss it on my sniper class. This is defo a clan game. Get a good team using all the classes and you'll be unstoppable.

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poopnscoop3651d ago

I tried the beta. It's nothing special. Clunky controls and terrible frame rate.

Vegeta90003651d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jac5al3651d ago

Controls are from from clunky. Turn up the sensitivity and change your control scheme to alternative 2, and you can almost compare them to cod.

BurninDragon083651d ago

Yeah I played Killzone 2 and got it on release day. Killzone 3 is alot different now but I think it's for the better. The controls are more responsive. Alternative 2 is the way to go.

Bathyj3651d ago

Gee, I want to believe your opinion.

Theres just something about you that makes me hesitate. Something elusive, I just cant quite put my finger on......

What could it be?

N4WAH3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I will take things a troll might say for $500, Alex.

What do I win Bathyj?

James Vanderbeek3651d ago

from ur name and ur avatar i dont think anyone believes u buddy..

cyborg69713651d ago

Halo reach is a beta? I thought it was being sold in stores now, that's really too bad. Better hope for a patch.

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leonlion3651d ago

"I’ve only put serious effort in Modern Warfare 2 on PS3, and it was one of the most horrific experiences I can remember."

good thing he didn't play it on xbox 360 then

dead_eye3651d ago

I've played a lot of MW2 and it is a horrific experience but it's not psns fault lol

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