Top 6 Creepiest Moments In Gaming History

Wild Gunmen writes: As gamers, we tend to have a pretty high tolerance for terror. Vanquishing demons and devils, slaughtering fel monstrosities; it’s all in a day’s work. As a result, to scare us, well and truly scare us, the developers have to get creative.

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TransferMePlease3649d ago

I remember back when Resident Evil was new, me and some friends rented a Playstation and this game. When you first encounter that one zombie at the end of the hallway, causing the game to go to a cutscene of the zombie turning its head to look at you. Scared the bejezus outta me.

On another note, I've never hear of this Haunted Grounds game, but it sounds amazing. Kind of Lovecraftian, what with the near certain doom around every corner.

CherryJul3649d ago

+1 on Ravenholm! holy hell that was creepy, cuz you know there’s something that will take like half your life just around the corner.