Nintendo titles "definitely encourage children to learn," teacher states

Nintendo Universe writes:

Dawn Hallybone, a teacher at Oakdale Junior School in Essex, England, has praised the way that the Nintendo DS “encourages children to learn,” having actively used games such as ‘Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain’ to assist her teaching within the classroom.

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cliffbo3646d ago

i'd give that one to LPB myself

RedDead3646d ago

while lbp makes use of your aility to create, it doesn't give you any knowlege or teach you maths.

DORMIN3645d ago

I think ALL of us should be proud of how far gaming has gone.
So EVERYONE stop your nonsense fanboying

There was a time when Video Games and School were the most fiercest of enemies, and now look at it. Schools are using video games to teach. ;)

Seedhouse3646d ago

Yeah, LBP is great for physics based learning but I guess Nintendo's more family orientated titles such as Brain Training are more suited for classrooms?

RedDead3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Physics? It's not so complicated that it could teach you anything, it tells you the basics just like real life teachs you the basics, the harder you push the faster it moves etc, it doesn't teach you how to send a rocket into space.

Seedhouse3646d ago

It's still useful; mechanisms, electronics, weights, etc?

Just in a different way than that offered by Nintendo titles.

Seferoth753645d ago

Yeah sure LBP is educational Some fanboys today.Rather than give Nintendo credit you pull something out of your ass in some lame attempt to give Sony as much credit as Nintendo

RedDead3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I don't see how doing maths is the same as creating a level in LBp, Again the things you mentioned are realised without learning or study, it's simple stuff that comes with growing up. Electronics? Do you learn how to bulid a circut in Lbp? Mechanisms? Like what? Weights, same as push pull etc

Djinn3645d ago

Pokemon encourages to enslave and harm little animals

TANUKI3645d ago

lol, I never thought of it that way. bub+ for the good humor.

Skullomania3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

lol +Bub, Pokemon teaches you how to kidnap little animals.

George Sears3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

It's true because thanks to my years of playing Super Mario Bros. I've grown to become a successful plumber whilst humping my hot client if she feels peachy.

yog-sothot3645d ago

Jeeze... Do we need excuses to play games ? Games are here to entertain you (and your kids), and that's perfectly fine, no need to teach you anything. They can make you think (moral choices, strategy, puzzles, riddles...), they can make you feel emotions, they might even enlighten you, who knows, like any other art form / great craftmanship, but please, don't hide behind lame educational stuff. Besides, does eveything need to be "useful" (in a direct/economic way) ? Life is already boring enough like that imo

MonopolyRSV3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Yeah, they learn to buy a PS3 instead.

Seferoth753645d ago

I guess that is why Wii is 35 million or so ahead of PS3 in sales... lol Silly troll. Shouldnt you be playing in traffic?

killzowner3644d ago

How does that mean they shouldny buy a ps3 seferoth? "lol silly troll"

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