Texting of the Bread Review (GameStooge)

GameStooge reviews the new addictive iOS title, Texting of the Bread.

Excerpt: "Gameplay is simple – as gingerbread men amble at you, phrases and words appear above their heads. The highlighted word is the word you must type to defeat the creature; you may tap other balloons to select a different word to type, but that’s a seldom used option, especially when there’s a bunch of men coming. On normal gingerbread men, successful letter presses will stagger them. There are other types of enemies, including rolling gingerbread men who each have a single letter but roll quickly towards your avatar, minibosses that have multiple words and aren’t staggered by key presses, and later bosses."

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JonahFalcon3644d ago

Definitely, but this is portable.