The BitBag Review: WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011

Terence Daniel from The BitBag writes, "I haven’t played a WWE game since SvR 2008, which I didn’t find particularly any good. So coming into SvR 2011 I decided to wipe the slate clean, forgive and forget and hope to relieve the good old days of WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role on the PS1.

The Smackdown series was once a juggernaut in the gaming industry, having sold more than 50 million units worldwide. This year’s instalment is aiming to bring the series back to its original glory days, does it succeed?"

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RoX_TimE_BomB3652d ago

Good review.. I haven't played a wrestling game since like PS1.... maybe ill try this one sometime.

tezzer19853652d ago

Yeah, its a decent game, if you invest the time into it..