Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Release Date Confirmed And Game Details

Square Enix just announced the release date for the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix. It is scheduled for release in Japan on January 20, 2011.

The “Final Mix” version includes all the English voice, and more… below are the full list of things that will be included.

# Full English Voices

# Secret Episode (new map)

# Sticker Album

# Command Board “Skull Board” (Peter Pan)

# D-Link “Pete”

# Boss Battle (multiple)

# Song for Mini Game Rhythmic Ice

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Shoko3646d ago

I'll wait for Re: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Remix 2 in 365 Days of Memories.

BinaryMind3646d ago

Pretty much every PSP game is region-free, so this is good news for people who haven't gotten the game yet.