GATT Editorial: I Wrote An Article About Zombies! staff writer Josh "Red Menace" S. gives his thoughts on the Zombie phenomena in time for Halloween:

"Unfortunately for me, all I do is criticize people and everything they love. I don’t actually want pity for that since I enjoy what I do, but due to my lack of friends and general social relationships, I won’t be dressing up, partying, trick-or-treating or even allowing children to steal my candy by scaring me at the front door of my own home (I ate all the candy in my house in preparation) for Halloween this year. So, I guess other than having my Xbox Live avatar dressed up like the King of Albion, consider this my only way of celebrating Halloween:

I’m sick of zombies! I’m done with them. Don’t touch me with zombie media, don’t talk to me about the Zombie Walk, don’t tell me to play Dead Rising 2, and for the love of God, someone invent a V-chip that censors everything with the word “zombie” in it...."

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