MyInsideGamer | Top 10 Titles That Require a Healthy Supply of Clean Underwear to Change Into

When you come to a list like this, it’s hard not to go down the obvious routes, but the scariest moments in games often come when you’re least expecting it. You hardly expect to be scared when playing a submarine simulator now do you? You hardly expect to be scared when playing a child’s education adventure game now do you? You expect to be scared witless when playing a horror title, so the skill is then in the pacing and the surprise. So, here follows the top 10 titles that require a healthy supply of clean underwear to change into.

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simplesteve3653d ago

good choices, but no.1 is great/very gay. given more thought, i can see it...but it's still a gay choice for no1

stannersprice3653d ago

makes total sense! modern warfare 2 makes me scared to leave the house!!!!!!

p.s. love amnesia, one of the best games ever made.