PSP 2 with HD 1080p Ortustech display ?

PlayStation Informer: "The PSP 2 could have an HD 1080p High Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, produced by Japanese Ortustech"

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Cloudberry3652d ago

I want this to be true...

LordMarius3652d ago

Thats hot.
Make two Skus, one just a handheld and the other one a phone

Red_Orange_Juice3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

playstation informer, wow, really? doesn't ring a bell, must be really creative

anyways wouldn't it be too expensive?

zireno3652d ago

The only reason that I think a psp2 phone wouldn't be good idea is battery life. I mean, hand helds battery life are very poor as of right now, my psp lasts around the 3-4 hour mark with max brightness and medium sound, now imagine on top of that the capabilities of a phone. My iphone lasts around 2 days if i only use it as a phone, when I play games on it the battery drains pretty quickly (3 hours) and we all know the games on the iphone don't require that much power. Now imagine the two combined.... I could bet my right arm that the battery life on a psp2 phone wouldn't last 8 hours of regular phone use and gaming time.

P1NKY3652d ago

Same here my PSP only last around the 3 - 4 hour mark with medium brightness and sound. Putting Phone capabilites on top shouldn't affect it too much but the 1080p screen will drain the battery life much quicker.

Hideo_Kojima3652d ago

I call BS!

1. Battery
2. Cost
3. What would be the point on a screen so so so small?

I show people the 480p screen on my phone and they ask me...

WOW is that HD?

Spydiggity3652d ago

i hope sony is planning on holding off for a long while on this thing...considering everyone and their dog is going to get a 3DS.

Millah3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

@ Guntrol

What would be the point on a screen so small?? Pixel density. Go take a look at an iPhone 4's retina display and you'll see why this would be so incredible for the PSP2. However, I highly doubt it's true. MAYBE 720p, but theres almost no chance of 1080p reaching the handhelds yet. It would be absolutely incredible even with 720p, would blow anything else on the market outta the water.

STONEY43651d ago

Just thinking... this is unrealistic

Why would anyone wan't 1920x1080 on such a tiny screen? There's a size/pixel ratio, and it's the reason you don't see 20 inch monitors at 2560x1600. And it'll probably cost a lot to make the pixels that small.

DaTruth3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

So when you connect it to an HD display, it will display in high definition! Also, would make no sense to put out a PSP2 with no advantage over the original; the PSP can already display in 480p. What would be the point of an next-gen PSP that can't produce better graphics than the original?

Not saying I believe this is real!

Johnny Jiron3651d ago

The Zune HD among many other devices display 1080p just fine when connected to a HD display. Its not required for the screen on the device to do that. And I really don't think you need HD resolution on a small device in order to output better graphics. It'd be almost negligible at that size.

STONEY43651d ago

"So when you connect it to an HD display, it will display in high definition!"

That makes no sense. It depends on the hardware, so instead of wasting development on making a small 1080p screen, they would use it on making it powerful enough so it can run at 1080p when hooked up to a larger display.

That's like saying a laptop with a 1440x900 screen should have a higher resolution screen so it can hook up to a 1920x1200 monitor. Which won't make a difference, since it can connect to one no matter what. What it needs it the hardware to be able to support that resolution without slowing down.

moparful993651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

At zireno, if I can find the article I will link you but there is a battery technology coming into consumer availability that is nearly 50% more efficient then litium ion batteries and they are just as compact.. You are just speculating, sony will get this right....

Edit: Ok I found an obscure link since the original site won't work.. It was originally from but I can't get it to load... But here it is [

It's built on litium ion technology but is reportedly 40% more efficient and the original tech review article claimed that sony, panasonic, samsung and a few others were on board to make it commercially ready by mid 2011-early2012.... Hmm psp2 launch? I'm thinking yes....

zireno3651d ago

I couldn't open your link but I'm gonna take your word for it (since I'm to lazy to search for that info) but still, regardless of the specs of any device, the usage a consumer gives to a product always shows the bs behind them. For example, in the specs of my macbook pro it says that the battery lasts 10 hours, but the actual life according to my usage is around the 6 hr mark (or even less), I'm sure it can last 10 hours at minimum brightness, and doing simple tasks. Same would apply to the psp2 phone, I mean seriously you are going to be playing games on this thing, even with new battery tech, the life of the device will shorten a lot just playing games, on top of that add the functionality of a phone which means that you are going to have it on all the time, receiving and sending text messages, making phone calls, using the web browser, and all that fancy stuff smart phones do (I suppose it will be a smartphone because everyone is mentioning android as the os). Even if the new tech for this device is 40% more efficient, I can still put my money on the fact that it will not last 8 hours if you game on it.

But anything is possible and yes, I'm obviously speculating like everyone here, but if I'm proven wrong then that's fine because everyone would win right :)?

moparful993651d ago

I know exactly where you are coming from but thats the beauty of smart phones and ever growing technology.. For example when I first got my iphone 3g it was eating battery like candy.. So I fiddled with the settings, turned auto brightness on, I always lock the screen when not in use, turned off unessential push notifications, and I keep it on my car charger when I'm driving and my battery life has quadrupled.. What I'm saying is that sony can (if they think about it) can have the device shut off non essential functions that run in the background while gaming, have an auto brightness setting, and when not gaming have that portion of the device in shutdown... Sony is really good at reducing the footprint of a device and keeping performance up... I honestly do believe that they will be able to get a more then satisfactory battery life out of the psp2.. But I guess we will all just have to wait and see...

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HolyOrangeCows3652d ago

Sounds unnecessary to me. Handheld games aren't reaching 1080p resolutions any time soon.

Even 720p sounds a bit unrealistic. We're still yet to see a handheld reach the 480p mark.

Kevin ButIer3652d ago

Sounds good but think about the price... that panel must be really expensive.

Chris3993652d ago

Devices are headed toward a convergence. One device that does multiple (or "every") things. So a 1080p handheld/ phone/ pda/ whatever that you run about with all day, then plug into your tv (or via wireless HDMI) when you get home is a neat idea.

Not sure if the PSP2 will be the manifestation of this idea, but it's inevitable that we will see a device like this in the next 2-5 years.

zireno3652d ago

but what about movies? it could benefit right?

HolyOrangeCows3652d ago

"but what about movies? it could benefit right?"

That wouldn't justify the additional cost.

Red_Orange_Juice3652d ago

I believe leaked PSPhone and PSP2 are two separate devices

Theonik3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I agree with HOC here. A screen with that resolution would be a huge waste. At a small size even 720p could be a waste and pushing that many pixels would be detrimental to the device's performance.(since you wouldn't be able to see the individual pixels past a certain point) As an HD output though sure, the PSP2 could very well have a miniHDMI jack. The cost for a 1080p screen though would be better spent on better hardware and driving a 1080p screen would be waste of power in itself.

Thecraft19893652d ago

Red_Orange_Juice there made by different two branches of Sony if the previous picture of the psp phone is to believed.

I still think the PSP phone is Sony Ericsson way of getting a bigger pie of android market.

PinkFunk3652d ago

I agree here. Wouldn't make sense with the hugely additional costs to provide a feature that wouldn't be compleeeeetely unnecessary. You don't need 1080p on a mobile sized screen to experience brilliant resolution.

meganick3652d ago

Agreed OrgangeCow. Putting a 1080p resolution screen on a handheld is overkill, and it would unnecessarily drive up the cost of the system.

Rush3652d ago

If you consider the Ipod Touch/Iphone 4 a handheld which I do then your incorrect about the 480p part.

n4f3652d ago

yeah but i saw on the internet that the resolution of the iphone is so high that if they tune it down a little bit some people wont even see the difference so i guess that mean it doesnt have to be that high

kneon3651d ago

720p isn't unrealistic, we will likely see mobile phones pushing that kind of resolution within 12 months. I expect the PSP 2 to be 720p, with 1080p possible, but I think the cost is too high, both for the screen and the processing power to run it.

But one bonus of such high pixel density is that there is little or no need for anti-aliasing. Though I'm sure that doesn't makes up for the added power needed to render such high resolution images.

Theonik3651d ago

Thing is with the power it would need is that even the current consoles don't do 720p most of the times, let alone 1080p if they do push even 720p as native res they would need really power draining and strong hardware. A 720p screen is still realistic though if games render at a lower res and up-scale to that. *and use 720p for video and menu/hud and 2D elements. I really want to see how this pans out. I think a PSP2 announcement is sorta overdue.

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Rush3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I don't think there would be any point to it truth be told, Sure it matters on bigger screens to have 1080p because of the pixel per inch ratio.

But on a tiny screen say 4" or above a respectable size I would like to see the PSP2 have.

Then anything above 720p seems wasted to me I mean you only have to look it the Iphone 4's display and you can't see any jagged edges anyways.

if they somehow managed to get the screen size above 5.5" and still be portable then yeah maybe it would be worth while otherwise it's an unnecessary expense and I would rather they put the extra money into a better processor or GPU.

DaTruth3651d ago

If they're pushing 1080p games in a handheld, which typically don't have good ventilation, they must have a pretty flipping awesome processor and GPU!

moparful993651d ago

You do realize that adopting this screen and just having the hardware shut off unused pixels does two things.. One if sony has a distribution deal with the manufacturer they can take and use these screens in any of their devices driving costs down and they have the flexibility to use the appropriate resolution for the application... Don't you all know better then to doubt sony's eerie foresight into technology??? This screen will be the standard in 2-3 years....

siyrobbo3652d ago

why would you want it to be true, unless you want a $599 psp2

Its a waste of money using a screen like that

lzim3652d ago

why? it would require all games made for it to support 1080p which then allows the device to be connected to a 1080p set.

May devices already can connect to 1080p sets, lets you play back all kinds of stuff in high quality.

Hideo_Kojima3652d ago

"it would require all games made for it to support 1080p"
No it wouldn't

PS3 is a good example not even half the games on the PS3 run at 1080p.

Why would a handheld require all games made for it to support 1080p when a big as PS3 couldn't do it?

I rather have 480-720p games that look like TV.
Resolution is not realism.

Ult iMate3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Why the hell do you insist on connecting a HADHELD device to a 1080p set??
HANDHELDs are ment to be used OUTSIDE. You know, like in the street or in the car.
1080p for a handheld device means no battery life at all. To power up this 1080 it have to use strong GPU that will eat any battery in a moment.

moparful993651d ago

Look at my response at the top of the page about the new and much more efficient li-ion batteries that are on the way... Your argument is speculative....

Ult iMate3651d ago

Even with big accumulator capacity, why someone insist on connecting a handheld device to a 1080 panel? There are dedicated devices for that, you know, like stationary home consoles.

moparful993651d ago

I know what you mean but with every jump in technology there has been those doubters that say "why?" but usually the new tech proves to be a great addition to the entertainment world.. When we whent from records-cd's, vhs-dvd's, sd-hd, 2d-3d... My point is that I'm open to this idea because I want to see how it will fit into the big ole picture of modern day entertainment... If it turns out to be a mostly useless application then fine it will dissipate out and never be used in this market again but if it proves to enhance the end user experience then I think we owe it to oursleves to let this tech come to market....

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xAlmostPro3652d ago

it would be cool, but to be honest a 720p screen would be good enough, not only would it still be matching or beating other handhelds it would keep the costs down abit

PS360fanboy3652d ago

1080p on a portable is just stupid, imo. Small screens don't need a full hd resolution.

Bull5hifT3651d ago

Now imaging an hd picture of a woman's clam, in the palm of your hand , people will belive youve actually ripped it off and framed it

Exquisik3651d ago

I honestly do not want this to be true as many have said before me, it'll drive up the price of the PSP2. And with the screen size being no bigger than 5", I highly doubt it will make any difference. 720p is more than enough for a handheld.

But here are the things that I want for the PSP2:
720p Resolution Screen (hopefully OLED)
Dual Analog/Digital Sticks
L/R Shoulder Buttons with L2/R2 trigger buttons (can be placed on the lower back of the handheld)
And one thing I really want the PSP2 to have is Mini-BD (Smaller version of Blu Ray, similar to mini-dvd and mini-disc but the size is equivalent to the UMD thus making it bc with the UMD)

King-Leonidas3651d ago

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Sorry i was cleaning the jizz off my keyboard.

ThanatosDMC3651d ago

I doubt it... mainly because of the cost.

Bull5hifT3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I will screw a bracket onto my ps3 to hold this and i will run my hdmi to it, i only got this crappy 38" 720p plasma..... Finally i will be able to game in clear crisp beautiful 1080P.. Im soo excited I hope it runs at 120hz so it flashes images super silky smooth fast

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Pedantic913652d ago

And it would make it way too pricey.
There is no need for HD on a portable to make a game look good.
The only thing i want confirmed the most is that it'll have a second analog stick. A second analog stick would work great as a gimmick.

Close_Second3652d ago

...just double the res of the current PSP otherwise the PSP2 will price itself out of the market. If this thing retails like an IPhone then it won't sell well at all. Sony proved that with the Go.

blumatt3652d ago

...The PSP Go WASN'T a phone. lol If it's priced like the iPhone and IS a phone, the PSP2 will have no problem selling well since it can double as a phone. I hope they offer the PSP2 with and without a phone option like the iPhone/iTouch where you can play anything on either one, but one has phone functionality. However, I hope both of them has a 3G antenna built-in for "anywhere on the go" online functionality and PSN integration (and better remote play options between it and the PS3).

jizzyjones3652d ago

1080p on a screen that small? don't think so

slutface3652d ago

Sony is not fucking around!