100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience is an hour long documentary focusing on the thriving, exciting, vibrant world of the arcades in Japan.

Following gamers such as DAIGO UMEHARA (arguably the world's best STREET FIGHTER player) and speaking with gaming aficionado BRIAN ASHCRAFT (chief Japanese editor for we will explore the world of Japanese Arcades from a North-American perspective and compare/contrast the current trends of East and West gaming cultures.

Other experts include: Satoshi Numata, a professor of video games at the Osaka Electronic University; Ryan "Gootecks" Guitierrez another professional gamer from the Street Fighter scene; Bear Trickey, a game designer for Q-Games based out of Japan; and of course, we will be speaking to as many Japanese people as possible!

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derkasan3651d ago

Daigo and Ashcraft? They definitely have their credentials in order.

DORMIN3651d ago

I've been waiting for this documentary to come out. I wonder when they are going to finish and release?