Media Create software sales (10/18 - 10/24) - Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the best-selling games from Japan. Vanquish, Medal of Honor, Move titles, and Super Mario Collection: Special Pack are the featured titles this week.

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boogeyman9993646d ago

Why is Super Mario Collection Pack so popular? Isn't it just like game ports? And it doesn't have one of the best Marios, Super mario World.

mjolliffe3646d ago

It's Mario, that's why.

boogeyman9993646d ago

Yeah I guess. I heard it was coming to the US. Dunno if I will get it or not. Maybe for the book and sound track.

rezzah3646d ago

your right, stick his name on anything and it will sell well. Why? because hes just iconic.

ryuzu3646d ago

Well give them their due - these are good games from various past years.

Why are they No1 though? Well, they're on a console which has sold a lot but has few decent games - people want to play something.

Again though, it's a motion console where non-motion games are selling best. If nothing else, this is demonstrating motion gaming is far from a done "deal" yet.


Cloudberry3646d ago

The highest sales for MOVE games is Beat Sketch at number 08, in Japan... : o

I thought it could be for Sports Champion for that part, though.

rrw3646d ago

well, probably because most of them already play wii sport.

sell of move will not noticeable until ape escape been released as is like mario for play station

jack_burt0n3646d ago

beat sketch is bundled free in JP unlike sports champions, the low re5 sales are the strangest thing to me.

gameseveryday3646d ago

as usual, mario dominating even after two decades.

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