How can The Dark Knight Rises video game beat Arkham City?

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the nuts. Not just in terms of Batman games - but in terms of any superhero game in the history of spandex.

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Mustang300C20123651d ago

By continuing the fun I had with the first one. It is as simple as that.

Edward-Kraken3651d ago

okay please dont misunderstand my post above. Its just that Batman Arkham games are more than enough for me.

mugoldeneagle033651d ago

1) Nolan & Goyer writing the story

2) All of the correct voice actors

3) The plot to be side stories that take place during the movie, stuff we don't see that lead up to the scenes we do. Not a rehash of what happens. Something completely new

And I'd be interested. I'm a pretty big Batman fan and I thought Arkham Asylum was fun as hell in an animated-Batman way. There's no reason why a more realistic version couldn't be just as successful if done right.

Probably wouldn't be a good idea to release them too close together though. Arkham City could definitely stand on its own

cyborg69713651d ago

Bales batman voice it terrible.

Rampaged Death3651d ago

Who says there is even going to be a game based on the film ? I'll be surprised if we see a Batman game that is based on a film.

CaptainPunch3651d ago

Lol why would there ever be a game based off of the movie? We already have Arkham City coming out.

DarthMoose3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

If theres a game based on the third film, I highly doubt it will match the quality of arkhum asylum2, video games based on films are developed over a very short period of time with a low budget to release it along side the movie for a quick cash in.

3nd3rth33651d ago

it won't. quit these stupid articles.

dtalon33651d ago

calling it an article would be validating this trash to the "journalist" (lots of emphasis on the quotation marks).

lets be real who comes up with that headline?
I am sorry but there are multiple things wrong with this "article"
1) there is no evidence even suggesting a movie tie in game.
2) 6 statements and 2 questions do not make an article
3)do they teach not to use conjugations in writing class anymore?
4)suggesting an open world game for any developer but a very experienced one is a recipe for disaster.

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The story is too old to be commented.