Xbox LIVE price increases tomorrow

Just a reminder that the price of Xbox LIVE Gold membership will officially increase tomorrow, November 1st, so today is your last chance to renew at the old pricing. Before you go out trick-or-treating, save yourself a few bucks and renew your Gold membership before the price goes up.

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units3646d ago

not for everyone it doesnt

deadreckoning6663646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

Hopefully there doing this because their planning on offering free online play in XBL Silver. If they announce free online play with XBL Silver, they know that MANY people will downgrade from I guess their raising the price of Gold to 60 bux to compensate for the loss.

"That wouldnt exactly be the best move on their part would it, they want more people paying for Live, not less."

True...but considering PSN is gaining some ground and its FREE, Microsoft IMO should also offer a free online option. If the mainstream understood the value you get with the PSN & Playstation Plus combo, less and less people would be on XBL.

Microsoft is very smart because they know that people WILL pay for XBL Gold no matter how high the price goes, but from a person who has experienced what BOTH consoles have to offer..XBL Gold isn't THAT much better than PSN and definetly not 60 bux better.

Fishy Fingers3646d ago

Offer free online play with silver and at the same time up the price of gold?

That wouldnt exactly be the best move on their part would it, they want more people paying for Live, not less.

Omega43646d ago

The fact they raised the price pretty much confirms they will never allow Live to be free. PSN has miles to go before its comparable to Live, its not only about the features but how easy it is to use them and PSN lags far behind in both departments.

Could you see anyone paying $50 for PSN with the current state it is in? I doubt it.

But back to the main topic, I'm glad the UK doesn't get a hike I'm sure there will be plenty of £26 1 year codes on ebay.

insomnium3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

IMO your reply is surprizigly good Deadrec. Not your usual self today ?

PooEgg3646d ago

Nah, this probably has to do with the ESPN addition, which I personally have no interest in since I am not a sports fan. My current subscription is good until the end of 2011, and I'm sure I'll find a good discount on Amazon before the time comes for me to renew again, so I'm not too concerned.

acky13646d ago

Calm down omega, Live is hardly the dogs bollocks and psn ain't a piece of shit.

People would pay for PSN if it cost (I would not be one of them), cos that would be their only choice just like the reason people pay for Live.

DigitalAnalog3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

"PSN has miles to go before its comparable to Live, its not only about the features but how easy it is to use them and PSN lags far behind in both departments"

How so?????

No really, how so??

I can understand XBL has a better and more intuitive interface than PSN, but how does that make my online experience better? Would COD or Battlefield be smoother online on XBL? Would people magically stop camping on XBL? Would I get a big fat check at the end of the day by being the top player of the match? WHAT, TELL ME?

-End statement

jjmustoe3646d ago

psn has,
BBC iPlayer,
ITV Player,
internet browser,
PlayStation Home,
all free Services

MasterGuru3646d ago

Yeah, with the amount of apps LIVE offers, I'd be happy to pay extra. You name it, XBOX LIVE has it. Internet browser, BBC iPlayer, LOVEFiLM, ITV Player and more! We even offer Twitter and Facebook integration for free................oh wait..................

A Cupcake for Gabe3645d ago

Isnt Microsoft trying to get the whole family online with Kinect? A family of four must pay $240 to play with the Jobrs across the globe in a game of Scene-it? That's pretty shady. I would expect MS to let the family play with a Gold account for free, but grandma has to fork out $60 if she wants to unlock those achievements.

Plus, everything on Live is free to PSN, minus ESPN, which isn't free. You need to have membership for. Do people not understand how much they spend on MS services. It's so outragous.

AAACE53645d ago

They are raising the price because they are planning on offering more content! I was wondering if they were about to announce that Silver would have free online play as well. But that wouldn't make sense as there would be gamers who would downgrade.

XBL would probably go free when they have more incentive for people to pay for the service, such as cable channels and such.

PSN is a good service, however the main thing XBL has over it is conveinence. Cross game chat is important to a lot of people. It doesn't make sense to have a mic and only be able to talk to people in game. In HOME, you have to type everything out. You have to type messages to your friend to play the same game.

Also, why is it so hard to setup a mic for Ps3? I have a MGS 4 headset I got from my brother in law that I can't get working. I have tried everything! The Xbox headset, I just hit the sync button on the console and headset and i'm ready to go!

XBL you can download a demo and play it as soon as it's done. PSN you have to download, install and sometimes update before you can play! Also, you can setup games you wanna download on XBL, turn your console off and it will keep downloading in low power mode. PSN, you have to keep your console on the entire time.

I'm not bashing, just pointing out the main problems I have with the Ps3! It's overly complicated. For people who like to get all in the systems guts and do this and that, it might be cool... but I just want convenience. Like I said, I like the Ps3, but it still needs more work!

Also, is there a way to close pages on the web browser without closing the browser itself?

RustInPeace3645d ago

Yes there is a way. Hold O instead of tapping it & the page you are currently on will close.

rroded3645d ago

my Av says her twinky bills gone up since they announced kinect...

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princejb1343646d ago

just what we needed higher prices in a recession

TekoIie3646d ago

This guy nailed it. M$ officially dont care about their fanbase (well they do but only if they are paying for their service's)

tinybigman3645d ago

glad i'm a silver member, and i'll be staying that way for the foreseeable future.

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Vegeta90003646d ago

One of their excuses was because of garbage like twitter and facebook both of which can be used for free on PC & PS3.

xYLeinen3646d ago

Once again people are too naive.

If you think about it, since Xbox Live launched they haven't raised their price once, and that's how many years? I lost count.

It was bound to happen that they raised their prise once.

Xander7563646d ago

Yeah but the prices should be going down if anything, not up. Gaming on Xbox LIVE should be free!

DORMIN3645d ago

"Once again people are too naive. If you think about it, since Xbox Live launched they haven't raised their price once"

The irony!

For the kids: There was a time when playing games on the internet was free, and you didn't have scrounge around looking for free XBL passes. LOL

JasonPC360PS3Wii3646d ago

Yeah PS3 fans will make it sound like Live will cost $400 a year then go off and defend paying for PSN+. Even thought we get updated voice chat, cross game chat, ESPN, smooth netflix, and many insta click apps. Meanwhile their still using text (smoke signals) chat.

Jac5al3646d ago

PS+ is a completely different service bud :)

BulletToothtony3646d ago

i love answers from fanboy who have NO IDEA how psn works.. i love it.. there is nothing like a stupid comment from a fanboy..

i love to read it and just smile.. no need to try to explain how wrong they are.. they just cover their eyes and say.. No it's NOT true.. wuaaahh!

dude anybody on the street, would tell you that free is better than $60 a year.. you don't even have to own a ps3 to make that conclusion.

Mr2Good33646d ago


HDgamer3646d ago

It's no surprise jason 360 talks about a ps3 services when he doesn't own nor support any involvement of sony.

The Wood3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

if your brain still cant compute that ps plus gives you games with that subscription then you really need help. You will continue to pay MS to play the multiplayer components of the games you've already paid for and get NO games....NONE, ZILCH, NADDA. Seems MS dont even need KY for some folks...

They KNOW guys like you will just deflect away from the cold hard facts and justify your xbl membership against psn alleged inferiority...Gosh this is tooooo funny and trust me ive paid for live but i wont get no game in return where as ps+ gets you actual games that you can actually play not some digital thong and neck tie for my avatar. Im not a ps + subscriber because i owned most of the games they were offering but guess NOT being charged to play the online parts of the games ive spent my loot on just because i haven't signed up does that compute.

I swear pc owners are just smarter than console owners..smh

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MorganX3646d ago

Yesterday I watched Miami vs. Orlando Live HD Stream on ESPN Live!

I'll buy that for an extra .83 cents a month.

BulletToothtony3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

i watched it 2 days ago on my tv thru cable when it actually aired.. hmmm

i don't get it.. why would i pay more for something that i already have?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3646d ago

Cable/SAT bill = $150 a month

Xbox Live
$35 12gb DSL
$5 a month for Live
$8.99 Netflix

Which is cheaper?

MorganX3646d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Actually, it was Friday not yesterday, and it was Live. I don't pay for cable. I don't need to with OTA HD and XBL.

@Jason: and Netflix. Even before Live got ESPN I went with OTA HD and Netflix. Refuse to pay $100+ when I watch only a couple series on local channels and sports.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3645d ago

I stopped paying for cable ever since they upgraded my erea with 12gb dsl two yers ago. Now I watch whatever HD content I want for $35 a month. With netflix, ESPN 3 on Live, and my internet service I never have to pay $150 a month ever again.

HDgamer3645d ago

Lol I stopped paying for cable and satellite. I watch all my shows in HD for free. So what is cheaper? Netflix or free?

BulletToothtony3645d ago

$150 for cable?


this is why you can't try to explain anything to true fanboys, they just come up with their own excuses to hate on the opposite consoles..

i pay a total of $63 for internet and HD cable with a hell lot more channels than just ESPN with on demand.

Honestly bro.. are you really that angry at the ps3 that it disables any type of common sense

saint_john_paul_ii3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

WTH were you ordering? Porn?

I pay $50/month for Internet and cable tv

BigKev453645d ago

Yeah, and the stream actually did some hiccups on me. Not worth the extra .83 cents a month.

MorganX3645d ago

I would check your setup if you're getting hiccups. None for me. Software is not release so could be. But I never get hiccups since I moved from cable to DSL.

$63/month > $40/year

I have no problem with people that can't afford $40/yr or don't want XBL if they can. I only care about what I like. I did PSN for a year. All I can say is you get what you pay for.

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Nathaniel_Drake3646d ago

yeah it's been a few years for psn to raise their...whoops psn is free

Dirk Benedict3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

your logic indicates that this should have been the price of Xbox Live from the start.

use your brain. with an increase in user / installed base the price should be coming down.

i am very curious as to what ms direction for the future is, based on asinine decisions such as this here.

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EliteAssass1n3646d ago

unless Gears3 is a huge improvement over Gears2, looks like i won't be upgrading to Gold in a long, long time.

TheColbertinator3646d ago



I hope they start making some games free to play online for Live Silver.Gears of War or Halo 3 would get my pick