RoboAwesome's Costume Quest Review (PSN)

In case the title and art promoting the game didn’t tip you off, anyone who’s sole interest in gaming is causing as much havoc and destruction as possible while leaving thousands of dead enemies in your wake will probably not be a fan of Costume Quest. After all, the game’s appeal lies in the fact that everything about it is uh… cute. From the cartoonish design of the characters, to features like bobbing for apples mini-games, to using candy as a form of currency, nearly everything about the game oozes charm and holds the allure of the Halloweens of your youth. You play as one of two siblings, Wren and Reynold, new residents of the quaint suburb of Autumn Pines who go out Halloween evening in hopes of making new friends while trick or treating. From the moment you leave the house, the plan for a laid-back night of fun is derailed when your sibling, dressed as a giant piece of candy corn, is kidnapped by a monster who mistakes him or her for an actual piece of candy.

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AronDeppert3644d ago

This game looks cute as hell! haha