Lens of Truth - retro Head2Head: Resident Evil

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome to this special Halloween Retro Head2Head! In this Retro Head2Head we bring you a battle between two Survival Horror giants, Capcom’s one and only Resident Evil. The two systems battling it out are the original Playstation (where the classic made its debut), and the Sega Saturn (a system known for its difficulties in programming 3D). This one should be easy…so you think! Enter our mansion of horrors to see which version walks out alive."

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donkeydoo3651d ago

I loved this game, perfect time to release this H2H. LOT you rock!

Shogun Master3651d ago

Agreed, this is the scariest game of all time.

Akagi3651d ago

I want more retro comparisons!

3651d ago
DigitalAnalog3651d ago

I actually wanted the Saturn to win.

Speaking of which, I just downloaded the EURO version of Deep Fear. And I can say... Resident Evil 5 is CLEARLY ripping off from this game.

-End statement

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RudeSole Devil3651d ago

Although the Sega Saturn is the king of the 32bit consoles the PS1 wins this one.

St03651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Not really, the only game I remember that looked better on the Saturn was Need for Speed 1, all the other games on PS1 & Saturn like Wipeout, Destruction Derby and others looked better on PS1. Exclusive Saturn games where amazing back in the day though!

TehChef3651d ago

At least the Saturn version has the exclusive Battle Game mode.

hackersdelight3651d ago

Didn't see that mention in the article but it did come out a year latter on the Saturn.

Sea_Man3651d ago

What a classic game, I think the Saturn look way better. What you think??

Tempjf3651d ago

About time this H2H came out. Too bad LoT wasn't around back mthen maybe the Saturn would have gotten the respect it deserved!!!!

hackersdelight3651d ago

Sega consoles are hands down the best. I wish Sega would team up with Microsoft and crate another console. Yea!

El_Colombiano3651d ago

So you're telling me you want to pair up the best console manufacturer with the worst??????? What logic is there?

Soul Train3651d ago

I agree TempJf. The Saturn was the king back then. The thing is a lot of the 3D from that time looks bad on both systems. When you start talking about 2D though, the Saturn just crushes the competition. Best system of the 32 bit generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.