Top 13 Scariest Video Games

In celebration of Halloween, posts the top 13 scariest video games of all time.

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DDP3651d ago

Haha...I hope this article was meant as a joke, because its pretty funny.

TheNecromaster3651d ago

Agreed. Although I do think it actually was intended to be funny.

princejb1343651d ago

i lol to this

Friday the 13th is infamous for being one of the worst games on the NES, but what most people don’t talk about is how it is also one of the scariest video games ever made for the NES. When I was a kid this game gave me some serious nightmares, which may be why I’m so screwed up today. In the game you play as six faceless camp counselors trying to survive their stay at Camp Crystal Lake. During the game you fight a ton of zombies with little more than a knife (anyone who’s ever fought a zombie in real life knows how useless a knife is against them) while trying to find Jason and save your fellow camp counselors. I’m not sure if there are any zombies anywhere in the Friday the 13th movie franchise, since I stopped watching them after number 4, “the final chapter”, but apparently they exist in great numbers in the video game. After surviving the zombies you fight Jason in a style reminiscent of fighting Mike Tyson in the Punch Out! series. While Punch Out! is a far better game, there can be no denying that Friday the 13th is scarier.

HallnNash3651d ago

This list is Tooooo Sweeeet!

Son of Odin3651d ago

I love any game or movie with Zombies in it.

hombrehambre3651d ago

Zelda 2 and Super Metroid on a list of scariest games? Never thought I'd see the day.

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Big City3651d ago

Friday the 13th was scary HARD. That's about it.

destructomaximo3651d ago

Yeah, that alone makes this a fail list.

TheGodEmperor3651d ago

Ghosts n' Goblins IS SCARY. I'll never play that game again. lol

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