Call of Duty Black Ops: Midnight Launch Release Date & Deals List!

"The highly anticipated release of Call of Duty: Black Ops is Tuesday (November 9th) on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Nintendo Wii, DS!

If you have been procrastinating getting your pre-order in, you still have time to take advantage of the many retail special promotions and coupon codes.

Check out the full run down of current Call of Duty: Black Ops deals and midnight launch details:"

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slargent3646d ago

just can't take this onslaught...

SephireX3646d ago

Who would line up at night for this game? If you want to know what its like, refer to the last three CoD games. They're all the bloody same!

Chug3646d ago

Why don't you go out to the midnight launches and ask one of the people in line that question? There will be plenty of people to choose from.

irepbtown3646d ago

Because if he wouldnt buy the game at night. I dont think he would go there, At night, just to ask a question.

Or maybe i'm wrong.

SephireX3641d ago

Why don't people think the Wii is great? Weren't there plenty of people lining up to buy that. See, sales doesn't mean its good. Your lack of intellect keeps you from comprehending such a truth.

plb3646d ago

I'm going to gamestop because it's right across the street from my house 2 min walk ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.