Video: Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Gameplay with JFK *SPOILERS*

E4G: Gameplay of Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Beware of SPOILERS. This is the ending of the game. SPOILERS.

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Batzi4975d ago

Damn it! This game will be worth every penny for sure!!!! Can't wait!

ipwnall4975d ago


Batzi4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

I stopped playing the campaign for the Call of Duty games ever since I got introduced to COD4. I didn't play the campaigns for MW2 and World at War and I am definitely not wasting time for the campaign of Black Ops. I am interested in the multiplayer mode and that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Blacktric4975d ago

Was gonna say the same thing. Did I just watched the ending of the campaign at the beginning of the video? If so, FU*K!

Pacman3214975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

Heres some standard zombie gameplay

Army_of_Darkness4975d ago

WTF?!... Damn, I hope your not the cause of short games this gen....

gameraxis4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

well have fun playing a 30 dollar game when u paid 60... wait no, listen to me, I'm sounding harsh like u..everyone has their preferences.. i play both, usually go through the single player first (especially since this cod seems to have the best story of them all) and then multiplayer and prestige a bunch of times ( 7 in mw2) I guess what I'm getting at is ur tone, it suggests that the campaigns are crap.. the part where all ur interested in is the MP section is a fine opinionated statement, but u need a little interpersonal communication and self awareness to know how u sound to the people listening (reading) what u write, unless of course ur very passionate about the single player part of cod games sucking, and are trying to sway your opinion onto others, in which that case ur just wrong for doing so, a usual "i think" , or "imo" or "I've never liked..." etc suggests opinions, which is all u (or anyone here can offer, including myself, unless otherwise cited) but statements like that can kill the interest for someone who is very impressionable and doesn't know that everyone's comment here is ussually just an opinion unless cited... as well as mine here saying ur bashing the single player campaign is wrong, imo that could lead, slowly mind you, to the death of single player games and the rise to charges for the MP by activision if u impress enough impressionable 10 year old kids who don't know better... there are still us old school gamers (yes i'm making a steriotype based on what i observe)who love single player games, or the SP part of a game.

Darth_Bane794974d ago

Man wth, I got lost and stopped reading at the fourth line.. LOL, simplify dude..

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Gawdl3y4974d ago

"Me Dancing to 100.3 EDMONTON_.mp4"

The_Claw4973d ago

thats what he renamed the file to, not me. it still got taken down which is why i uploaded it. so, your welcome dick

shepowy4975d ago

I would watch the vid but i'm worried i might spoil some of the campaign for myself.

Lord_Doggington4975d ago

yeah it's pretty much a spoiler video for the campaign...it sucks

MGRogue20174975d ago


BiggCMan4975d ago

its call of duty, what story are you expecting?

coolbeans4975d ago

Kind of a dumb question. I imagine it pertains to a deep cover group called "Black Ops" or is the back of the game case lying to me? :S

Blacktric4975d ago

Story is much better and deeper than any other Call Of Duty game, so it's important for us.

RedDead4974d ago

Cod campaign ain't shit, it's just short, good short game, the story is usually fine anyway.

plb4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

Should be fun! My PSN is plbelanger if anyone wants to add me. I'm picking it up on the 9th.

AtatakaiSamurai4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

not buying the game or playing anytime remotely soon so meh, i don't care to seeing the ending cause to me it doesn't even matter for this series.

after looking at the vid it really looks good. looks like what mw2 should have been. not paying $60 for a cod game ever again though. great fun for when i get it at 14.99 sometime down the road during summer