A Game Forgotten: Splinter Cell: Conviction — Scrawl

Scrawl: "Besides being unusually high-profile, the first half of 2010 has been unusually busy. As such, we’ve endeavored to write a series of brief newspaper-style reviews (without scores) to highlight the games that might have been forgotten – particularly by those who might just be joining this generation – in favor of this holiday season’s blockbusters.

Sam Fisher – a man once inclined to stay in the shadows – is now a brutal, unforgiving and relentless killer. Not content with the ‘cup of tea and a crumpet’ method of interrogation, the ex-NSA (National Security Agency) employee wants answers, and for good reason – somebody killed his daughter. Now, he wants details."

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HolyOrangeCows3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

It's forgotten for a reason. Many reasons.

It's hardly a splinter cell game; it's been made easy and simple for all of the new gamer 12-year-olds on the 360 who have never played the previous titles and probably don't have the mental capacity to complete them.

Insta-kill, easy setup assassination, insta-kill unlocked, insta-kill again, so on and so forth.
This goes on for 4-hours.

taokaka133651d ago

Is the co-op part to this any good? wanted to buy the game just to play that.

JewelTheif3651d ago

I heard the co-op was fantastic from a friend of mine.

taokaka133651d ago

alright! now to find a copy. But thats the hardest part for me, i can not find one single copy were ever i go, havent seen one since it came out.

karl3651d ago

yeah my bother has a friend and told me his sister's friend uncle.. saw it somewhere and it was really fun

or he was told.. i cant remember

yeah now go spend your money.. that should be enough for u

dirthurts3650d ago

If you're friend is an inpatient idiot (half of my friends) then no...
But if they are patient and clever, then yes very good co-op.

Urahara3650d ago

The coop sucked. Don't bother.

CrzyFooL3651d ago

Game was way better than it got credit for. So badass, so many cool features others games could learn from.

Lovable3651d ago

People were not ready for change?

Thecraft19893650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Game was not splinter cell quality it was short on even hardest difficulty becuase of it beaning too easy. Also stealth aspect just felt added on did not have that wow factor like splinter cell used too.

aaron58293651d ago

coupled with DS3 controller...

perfect experience for me...

Hardcore SC fans will feel this is much easier... but then again, this game is really fun !

SkylineR3650d ago

I have it sitting in my game library but have yet to play it... :o Have to get around to doing it.

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The story is too old to be commented.