What If Call Of Duty Black Ops Sucks?

With Call Of Duty Black Ops coming out next week its hard not to get swept up in all the excitement however what if it sucks?

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movements3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Is that even possible? (Sarcasm)

visualb3277d ago

it will still sell millions, get "10/10" from all sites and have millions of a$$holes ruining the experience of modest gamers...

Crazyglues3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

It will just be Modern Warfare 2 all over again, good in the beginning and then sucked hard, after glitches were found and updates sucked..

-but there are a few reason why this one will not suck, it looks like it will have an amazing campaign..

It will also have zombie Mode which is almost impossible to mess up..

-and they said they went back to COD4 style instead of MW2 style so the game should be good, if true.

but if it sucks then people will say it sucks and it will not do the numbers MW2 did, and we will accept this burn and move on, and never buy a COD game again.

So a lot is riding on this.. Let's keep our fingers Crossed.
Also can't wait to see what Respawn is going to do.
(you know they have to be watching this release closely)


PS360fanboy3277d ago

It won't suck. CoD never disapoints. Not even [email protected]

farhad2k83277d ago

People still may think it sucks as the PS3 split screen log in thing was a failure. I still think we should protest against that.

shovelface883277d ago

I love how it's become the "cool" thing to hate on Call of Duty. I call it the Justin Beiber effect. When something/someone becomes insanely popular, tons of people hate on it for no particular reason.

The funny thing about it all is, you haters will still buy it and play the hell out of it.

Modern Warfare 2 had some flaws, sure, but it was definitely not a bad game. It was a victim of it's own popularity in the sense that so many people played it that bugs were found more easily than for less popular titles. That coupled with the fact that Infinity Ward had a complete meltdown in the time that bug fixing patches would have been released.

EazyC3276d ago

MW 2 is hated for a very good reason.

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Gue13277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

How can it sucks? Every COD game is the same game but with a couple of improvements, like the yearly sport series, every year the same game and they always get good scores and millions of people buys them.

MAJ0R3277d ago

a game can easily be ruined without balance

Terarmzar3277d ago

There was never any balance.
Your team could lose by over 3000 points in a team deathmatch and the game will put all the same people back on the teams they were on before.

r1sh123277d ago

You only lose if you play stupid.
Me n my squad went on a 300 legit game winning streak, before we all started to get annoyed by how stupid mw2 was.
You just need some co-ordination and good team members.
Just find another 5 guys, and play together and you will become hard to beat.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

I thing that is getting old, is that COD Games have an AI very simple, very, very Arcade.

They should add a bit of more simulation and flexibility, more intelligent like Killzone 2, and less Arcade and linear AI.

TekoIie3277d ago

you havnt been watching the interviews have you??? sigh... look up on their russian ai...

lazysey3277d ago

Thats true but I wouldn't use Killzones dumbass AI's as a good example. As much as I'd hate to say, but, Halo: Reach's AI's are the smartest this generation.

Thats IF you've actually played the game or not.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Clearly you haven't played Killzone 2 on Elite mode, is incomparable with Halo Reach AI.

K3 is even getting a better design on AI, which is more impressive.

Chuk53277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

The A.I in Reach is far more aggressive and adaptive than anything I've seen or played in the killzone series. Why on the site must Killzonne get trumpeted around like the greatest FPS of the last 10 years? It's not true. It's an exceptional game but it hasn't done anything groundbreaking. Crysis blew my mind before KZ2, Halo is one of the most influential modern Fps and COD 4 set the fps archetype for the past 3 years.

DeathMetal3277d ago

was very average at best

raztad3277d ago

"Killzone AI
was very average at best"

Someone that never played KZ2 spotted.

DeathMetal3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

@ raztad PS3 fanboy spotted, try reading Chuk5's post he is dead on. It's funny cause people on any site but this one do not slobber all over that game. It' AI was not that great and you know it, it was decent. Then again how hard is it to have decent AI in a tiny corridor shooter. Game is so overrated. Loved your comment yesterday in the crysis 2 forum " killzone has the best gun play of any game" LOL!

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NatureOfLogic3277d ago

Good thing your team didn't play against me,that legit game winning streak would've came to an end. lol

killcycle3277d ago

I was just about to type the exact same thing.
Ridiculous games.

Call Of Duty 4 Was amazing when it first came out.
Infinity Ward then rejected an offer to create a new engine due to lazyness and instead made tons of more games using the same old one.

elmaton983277d ago

Well is just like you said, people wanna play a different version of their favorite game. Let be honest, people are playing more shooting games now thanks to cod and besides I'm a cod fan ( not MW2 lol ) i hope BO delivers what MW2 didn't

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MachinaMaw3277d ago

Then there'll be more people on KZ3 to play with.

Fishy Fingers3277d ago

I dont think you can defend a COD game by calling something else by the old ".5".

uNDIsBUted3277d ago

You'd have 150 012 people online

elmaton983277d ago

Have you ever consider that more than half of those players are cheating or using glitches to their advantage

wicko3277d ago

I'll still be playing KZ3 even if Black Ops is awesome.

lazysey3277d ago

"You can stop trolling now. I'd tell you to continue if it were funny, true, or both, but it's neither so time for you to move on."

wicko3276d ago

Looks like you also don't know what trolling is. Who said I was going to skip out on Black Ops?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Is not the game going to suck, and it never happened to MW2 (well, not at all).

Is the damn community that is glitching, massive camping and a lot of noobs with the ridiculous perks, from MW2 they will move to Black Ops.

So, yeah, is going to suck, thanks to this kind of players.

And the single player, I don't know, still, people will buy this game for the multiplayer as MW2, not for the Campaign.

DufferO83277d ago

it will suck... eventually