Creepy video game fan art Part 2: The Bloodening

GGG: "I looked beyond the veil of human understanding, and what I saw drove me to madness..."

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Pen Pooh3650d ago

"...Oh, God! Oh, Jesus Christ! Oh, my God! Christ!"

George Sears3650d ago

Not sure if you like this or not judging by your comment.

Pen Pooh3650d ago

It's a quote from The Wickerman when the main character stares upon his death.

AceofStaves3650d ago

Bonus Points for quoting the Wicker Man, and using a pick of Sgt. Howie.

CrzyFooL3650d ago

+1 for not using Nicholas Cage version!! In other news . . .

"The bees!! Not the bees!!"

csimpson3650d ago

The guy who puts these slideshows together must be really messed up.

spankipants3650d ago


kesvalk3650d ago

AH! MY EYES! they're bleeding!

Penno3650d ago

Lovecraft quotes are a nice touch.

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The story is too old to be commented.