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With the success and acclaim that Crysis garnered, EA was sure to ask Crytek to work on a sequel- and viola, we have Crysis 2, ready for release in a few months’ time. There have been many reports about the game being less powerful graphically than the original Crysis and the recent delay of the game must have seeded the seeds of doubt in some minds. Also, the fact that the game will also be released on both the High Def home consoles means it will definitely be toned down in terms of technical prowess.

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NotSoSilentBob3651d ago

Hopefully something other then a gloried tech demo.

Pandamobile3651d ago

A glorified tech demo with a 91 on Metacritic.


NotSoSilentBob3651d ago

How can you argue against it being a tech demo? They claim it is the "best" solution for developers to use yet it was in a hand full of games? Hell all the Mods that came out for Crysis NEVER made it out the door but one. Mechwarrior Living Legends was/is the only full mod to actually be seen by the public. Crysis was released and was a tech demo that people ate up.

NecrumSlavery3651d ago

Both Killzone 2 and Halo REACH have 91 Meta scores.

CombineElite3651d ago

Crysis is like the ying/yang of PC gaming. It has great graphics but the game play and fun factor were OK. I played through Crysis and Warhead twice but I just have no motivation to play through them again because it was just an OK game with awesome graphics.

Crysis the best playable tech demo ever.

I agree with 91 on Metacritic but replay value is 30/100

I just wish more developers would use the Cry Engine 2 versus that garbage ass Unreal Engine filth.