160gb PS3 Priced at $199.97...At hhgregg

"As Nick from was running through mhis weekly routine of checking out the latest ads in the newspaper, something jumped out at him in hhgregg's ad."

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zootang3652d ago

It has just started selling in the UK for £199 at Sainsburys.

dangert123652d ago

if the prices are actually going to stay this low ps3 is going to blow up into a massive hype again sort of like how not many people had a ps2 till 2 later when it went down abit well none of my friends did lol then ps2 was talk of the town cause everyone could offard it

Red_Orange_Juice3652d ago

permanent 199 price would rip sales charts

demonddel3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

im gonna finally get me a bluray player

MrAwesome3652d ago

Just like the PS3 price drop and great new game(UC2) Sony could do the same this year with GT5. The PS3 slim is cheaper than the fat to manufacture but I doubt it could drop to $199 if does however it's gonna pump life to the console war PS3 vs. Wii.

Mmmkay3651d ago

ps3 and wii are at war??

N4WAH3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Dang. It's for the fatty. I already have a fatty. I was hoping to get a couple slims.

TheLastGuardian3651d ago

I didn't even know they made 160 GB fats. Do they still make fat PS3's?

Ocelot5253651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

€200 in belgium with 4 games and 2 controllers at Saturn

if my fat one gets YLOD again i will buy a new one cuz repair costs almost 200, fuck BC, i still have 2 PS2 consoles(and BC on the PAL 60 gig PS3 is glitchy anyway)

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Nick2120043652d ago

This is one heck of a deal for anyone who has yet to pick up a PlayStation 3, or would just like to have a second one.

PS360fanboy3652d ago

Yeah, it's quite a fair price! Just in time for GT5!

Narutone663652d ago

is that of a fat PS3. Still a great price if it's the fat PS3.

Malice-Flare3652d ago

now, if Sony would make that price cut official...

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The story is too old to be commented.