Gamespot | Mortal Kombat Exclusive Scorpion Gameplay Trailer

This is where I was reborn, and this is where you will pay! Exclusive look at some hot Scorpion gameplay!

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Fresh_N_New3651d ago

This new iteration of Mortal Kombat looks incredible. I love the flawless combination of combos. Scorpion looks [email protected] if you ask me.

Cloudberry3651d ago

In my opinion, the x-ray damages is also awesome & brutal.

DORMIN3651d ago



LOL someone had to do it.

Sub-Zero853651d ago

Impressive .... but still Sub-Zero is the best hands down

RedDead3651d ago

Ermac is my favourite powers wise

Active Reload3651d ago

Sub-Zero is the Grand Master after all, although, he isn't the original Sub-Zero, he's the brother.

RedDead3651d ago

I prefare the actual ninja Sub zero anyway, he's the best S-z

Active Reload3651d ago

I definitely miss him, I wanted to see how he would have evolved over time, seeing as though he was more of a sneaky, koniving bad guy type, while his brother was more of the good guy type. I wanted to see if the bad Sub-Zero would've became Grand Master.

Hoje03083651d ago

If I'm not mistaken, the SZ in MK 2011 is the original SZ.

Active Reload3651d ago

Really? I haven't been keeping up with this one all that much. No doubt this trailer looks good. So I guess they're bringing back everybody, even the ones who died?

Hoje03083651d ago

Found it:

"Clad in blue, this formidable assassin began his deadly path on a mission from the Lin Kuei to murder Shang Tsung. That's when he was killed by Scorpion only to reappear as Noob Saibot, with his younger brother taking on the identity of Sub-Zero. Now he emerges with untold secrets of the afterlife propelling him fearlessly into the bloodiest battles. Time and again, he assaults the confidence of his enemies with his resurrected strength and sense of deadly purpose. Creating dismembered bodies and broken spirits wherever he goes, he threatens the very notion of peace on earth with his awe-inspiring destructive energy."


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Baka-akaB3651d ago

Not at all a fan of Mortal Kombat , but that's an impressive and slick looking reboot .
Glad it's back , the more and varied fighting games are , the better .


This game is so far from being released, wish I had a time machine ;o(

-Judge_Fudge3651d ago


cant wait for this game looks like this gen is full o fun and fannnnntastic fighters to play

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The story is too old to be commented.